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July 31 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Bloomberg West" the focus is on innovation, technology, media and the future of business. Hosted by Emily Chang with Editor-at-Large Cory Johnson and Senior Correspondent Jon Erlichman f31om Bloomberg's San Francisco studio, it showcases the personalities, companies and trends that are transforming the global economy. (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome to the late edition of "bloomberg west here co.

-- bloomberg west." a new report finds more young people are tuning in to face looked at night -- bacebook been watching any networks that primetime.

Apple ceo tim cook is back in china for the second time this year.

What are the odds iphone could become the largest cell carrier?

Hear why vince gilligan says netflix has been crucial to the shows success.

Renewed faith in these look at business has helped shares break a key number.

Facebook tossed stay above 38 was brief, and shares tumbled . they could be looking at a big payday noon.

A new study finds more people are on facebook at prime hours been watching any network.

They are planning to sell tv style commercial for as much as to in a half million dollars a day.

That is approaching super bowl numbers.

How bright is the future?

They work with big brands.

The ceo joins us right here.

That, i will start with you.

How big a deal is this thomas and how our brand going to react is to mark -- going to react?

Rolling it out could be huge.

I want to throw that out there.

How much does this demographic matter, and does it matter face it is not doing as well among the older -- facebook is not doing that well among older advertisers.

A typically advertise in video.

The audience is a little older, so i think it is going to be very it to prop her and gamble, coca-cola, and that are a -- rocked and gamble, coca-cola -- proctor and gamble, coca-cola, and facebook offers a scale that is unparalleled.

We followed every detail as this story developed.

You have been with us from the beginning.

Is it all uphill from here?

It seems the tide is turning, what is there more work to be done?

They have made massive progress.

They have fulfilled the promise, but it is not entirely easy what they are trying to do.

They might find it invasive.

There might be some alienation.

It is a complicated thing facebook is trying to do.

If there are too many add it may be pulls people away.

It might be lucrative, but it could also turn people off.

There is a lot to consider.

What do you think about how users are going to feel about this?

They are very data driven.

It is hard what a due to balance this, but they are the best in the world at it.

I do not inc.

There is a company and the world better than face looked at it.

-- facebook at it.

It is personal space, and that comes with a certain kind of covenant for the publisher.

Another thing to be concerned about is if these are user generated or playing automatically.

Do users select these the o's,, or are they ought to play?

-- select these videos or are they auto play.

/ this has a connection with in the gram.

-- instagram.

It looks like faith was testing -- facebook was testing it out.

People might start to associate these videos with advertising, which might make instagram not cool.

That is very bad for facebook.

This is a treacherous sector.

Instagram is a powerful thing.

It does not mean people are going to say it is a terrible thing.

They are a careful company.

They do a good job with it.

I think they are going to do a good job with it.

I do not know what the details are, but it is going to do a good job.

This is the first time they have done a study comparing to television networks directly.

What does this do as far as driving advertising budgets ? all media is bought and sold using that data , so i think they would like to be the currency of transaction online as well.

There are a number of companies that like to play and this space , but i think this is an interesting move.

They would like to be the currency online as well.

There are a lot of companies vying for these ad dollars as well.

You think it is good news for twitter.

How so?

A lot of investors said, maybe there is a silicon valley bubble going on.

Now facebook has shown you can make money and make revenue on a user base that was not using as much revenue a short time ago, it is a good time for every silicon valley company.

There is a lot of bad news.

Now there is some good news.

Thank you as well as patrick keane , thanks to all of you for weighing in today.

For the second time in a year apple ceo tim cook is meeting with the head of apple mobile.

You can watch a streaming on your tablet, phone, and at bloomberg.com.

Welcome back.

I am emily chang.

Local business ads are giving yelp a boost.

The online review site reported a smaller than expected quarterly loss.

Olivia is in new york with more of what we learned.

What can you tell us?

Shares are jumping in late trade, and there are a lot of things for investors to be cheering.

Local businesses are paying for reviews, and the company is raising its sales profit forecast.

I will run you through some of the numbers.

Sales climbing an impressive 70%. yelp also narrowed its loss just one cent per share.

That is half of what they posted last year.

Like all players in this space, right now the focus is on growing business in mobile devices.

60% of searches done on yelp were done on mobile devices.

That is what is driving their business.

Yelp is clearly facing a lot of competition from global lead targeted advertising dollars.

Companies like google and facebook are there competition.

How do they differentiate themselves?

I think everyone is looking for the secret to local advertising.

What is the best way to target consumers?

They are teaming up with websites like open table.

Another one they are teaming up with is the food delivery website.

Apple would rather have yelp deliver locally targeted adverts.

The challenge is to transfer into purchases.

One analyst writes that we are increasingly positive on efforts to close the loop.

Thank you.

Apple may be one step closer to getting the largest cell phone carrier to offer the iphone.

They talked about a possible relationship between their companies.

The deal could mean big business.

They have 740 million subscribers.

At this point it is not compatible.

Brian white has been to china more than 50 times in the last decade.

I know you have been closely following this delicate dance they have been playing for quite a long time.

Is it a matter of when we are going to see a deal happen at this point?

We saw them in 2012. this is going to be a process.

I think it is a 2014 event, but right now you are paving the foundation for an iphone next year.

Is this a situation for three g and four g? there are a lot of issues.

They have a lot of power.

I think some of the things apple wants you to do a company like china mobile does not want to pay for.

I think they will realize a lot more efficiency.

4gtdlt is around the world.

Apple could pass on some savings to china mobile.

If this goes down, do you think we will see concessions with apple we have not seen with other carriers simply to get the scale of subscribers china mobile has?

That is a good question.

I think china mobile is in a good position to get a deal.

I think he have more bargaining power than anyone in the world.

If this happens, how big a deal would it read for apple -- be for apple?

If all 740 million bought an iphone, that would be 430 billion in revenue, 100 $25 in earnings.

-- $ 125 in earnings.

The bottom line this will be heard around the world.

This is a massive deal for apple.

What would it mean for samsung?

Overtime samsung would start to lose share in china.

I think they have done very well but they would start to lose share.

Thank you very amc is about to roll out the last eight episodes of breaking bad.

We talk about it with creator vince gilligan coming.

New-media help cbs post a strong second quarter.

Sales were up, and profit grew 11%. in the last year they have signed streaming deals.

They also demand higher fees from pay tv operators.

They are currently locked in a dispute over such fees.

Ario will start offering service in utah next month.

The state will become the fourth market where it is available.

They face major challenges.

I spoke with the ceo and started by asking what the roadmap for expansion looks like.

It starts in august.

After that we are going to announce another 12 markets we will get done between august and said number.

Another four or five more by early october.

We are looking at a map of cities you are active in.

Can you give us any numbers in terms of how many users want this dating?

-- want this in?

We think 25% of the population is a good target.

A lot of content is becoming more available, and if you can have them in front of you, that makes for a good package for about a 10th of the price of what you would be paying in a cable bundle, so that is a good target.

Just i showing up we get one or two percent of the market.

We see evidence that is the right model going forward.

Let's talk about california specifically.

This date has not been friendly --state -- this state has not been friendly for startups?

I would not say that.

There has been technology in california in which the courts took a tech friendly, consumer friendly give.

Based on the law, and i think that will be the case.

I want to talk about cbs, which has had strong words for aereo.

They are in a heated battle for time warner cable, so heated there are threats they could go dark.

What do you think about this dispute, and how does it impact aereo?

It is not our fight, but the underlying concept i want to make sure people pay attention to is this is the reason consumers need alternatives, and companies like aereo are extremely valuable to the ecosystem because they provide access to basic programming with a lot of technological convenience.

I think that is important.

Otherwise we end up in monopoly systems were the only person harmed is consumers.

That was the ceo.

You can catch the full interview on your phone, tablet, and bloomberg.com.

It is an emmy award-winning show with a legion of devoted fans, but the creator of breaking bad say it may never have been such a hit if it had not been for streaming media.

Coming up.

We focus on technology and the future of this this.

-- business.

Bloomberg has learned michael dell and silverlake investment are unlikely to reach a deal.

The committee is reportedly open to ask tending the date which determine which shareholders can vote on the proposed buyout.

In a filing, ibm says the probe has an going on since may but did not mention what the investigation is focused on.

Electronic arts has lost it big to block lawsuits filed i've college for all and that it all -- basketball players over use of their likeness.

They ruled ea is not protect did ed.

They are considering whether to file a class action.

Symantec's reported profit that exceeded analyst estimates.

The report marks the ceos first year on the job, but as consumers look to protect their devices in the wake of high- profile hacking, is there an opportunity?

Steve bennett joins me now.

Thanks for joining me.

We have covered have a way these attacks.

Has that been an opportunity?

Have you seen growth?

I think it has gotten a lot more challenging as the attackers have become more sophisticated.

The explosion of devices and all the things going on in the data center has changed the number of control points they have to protect, and that is why the industry is growing about eight to 10% a year, so we are fortunate to be in a strong industry.

What role would you say these hack attacks have played?

Our internet security grew nine percent in the last order.

That is a pretty strong performance for our company.

Because the threat environment is more challenging and the consequences of getting hacked our morris.

And significant, i think that helps -- are more serious and significant, i think that helps.

I want to talk about the hack attack on the new york times.

A had symantec in place, but it is not work.

I think it is important for all cost immerse.

-- all customers to use the latest technology, and one example is our older products had only antivirus software, but last year 51% of attacks were cap toured by our sonar or reputational capo laity, -- capability, so you have you have the latest software.

Act as a challenge many companies have.

-- that is a challenge many companies have.

Some x words say the latest round has been awarded by firewalls, but these are not symantec costs strengths.

How would you respond to that?

They need a multilayer attack.

Customers need rejection from firewalls and in the data is entered, -- data center, and customers are telling me we need a multilayer system them.

Our strategy is to partner and focus on solving the customer problems.

I feel that is a challenge to deliver real value and accelerate our growth.

The youth inc.

Hack attacks are only going to get worse?

-- do you think hack attacks are only going to get worse?

It is challenging because of control points.

Even though pcs are not rowing, use the have to protect it.

You have to protect your home.

As we move more to the internet, it is great for many as the, but it creates a new set of challenges.

How many more resources are you devoting, and in light of the fact that many people say symantec has been too late in the game?

We have released at the up and put them of our most talented people in.

I know we got one order.

We are making real progress, and customers tell me, we love your vision, and we want to keep executing.

We like your roadmap and the path you are on.

Thanks so much for joining us.

Coming up, new episode of breaking bad will be back in a couple weeks.

We will talk with the creator coming up.

You do have a plan?


That was a scene from raking bad.

It was in its home stretch.

We started i asking how they are feeling in the lead up to these final episodes.

They were very hard- fought to create.

I am anxious about it.

We talk a lot about where cable has come, and we have a lot of broad work -- broadcast networks that are jealous.

Is this the type of show that could have exist did on traditional broadcast television?

I would have to say no.

We never bothered to pitch the show to traditional net works.

There are a lot of great shows, but typically they do not get to be as edgy or nichey as cable television gets to be.

Were fans of the show who have not seen the first eight episodes of this wine off- season, those will be going on netflix shortly.

How important has netflix been?

Networks has been crucial.

Any of these, this video on demand tech knowledge he -- technology, i do not dig it is a stretch say breaking bad might have been canceled had it not been for this technology that allows people to catch up.

When it comes to building buzz for these final episodes, you played an important role during the x-files.

What has changed around the ability to build buzz?

The internet.

The x-files was one of the first shows to truly benefit from the internet coming online.

That ability for social interaction has only increased.

You have all of these outlets that allows fans to communicate with one another, and it is a great in for us.

-- great thing for us.

Fans of the show will know you used unique shots.

They have fancy equipment.

It is amazing we have these tvs that are 60 inches.

We have these systems in our house, and i like the idea of composing shots in a more cinematic -- and -- cinematic fashion.

You get to frame like john ford when you are framing for wide- out spec television.

-- wide aspect television.

The studio behind it is sony, which has been in the headlines recently.

What is it like working with sony?

Fax sony has been great.

They believed in the show from day one.

They basically said, we believe in you, and we want the show to have a chance to succeed.

They were about to go on the air with madmen, and they have been wonderful partners.

Both companies have been all the -- been ballsy in that they created a show other buyers were not interest it in, and they did not try to do dumb down the sharp edges was it was on air.

They had a very ag, anti-her really died, and they did not do the -- anti-heroic guy, and they did not try to do the death by a thousand cuts.

Quiet that you think about your next there, do you want to stay in this cable world?

I am interested in all those things.

It is wonderful to hear the phrase golden age of television used quite often.

I wanted to be part of it.

Television is changing.

I am interested to see what comes next.

We have about 22nd left.

-- 20 seconds left.

Give us what we are going to see?

I am going to say 90%. not bad.

That was the creative reduce or of breaking dad.

-- creative producer of breaking bad.

And revealed to the world tomorrow, we will get up reeve you of what to expect.

-- preview of what to expect.

Welcome back.

This is luber bwest." -- "bloomberg west." google will formally unveil its new smart phone.

We take a look at the hyatt and potential profit around the new phone.

Two years ago google acquired motorola.

It did not really matter.

The next one does.

That is because the new phone is the first to be developed under google's watch.

Take a look at our office.

98% are split between two companies.

Apple and samsung.

We will make this mobile device, they say, and we will give it away for free because the more smartphones there are, we can make a lot of money on that because we sell more ads.

Apple and samsung make the device for one price and sell it for a higher price.

The profits are greater than all of google's rauf it's all together.

-- profits are greater than all of google together.

Now to a big step forward for real money gambling online.

In the united states they have acquired blingo.

Starting tomorrow they will let layers win real cash prizes.

We spoke to the ceo about the company's deal.

It is the first game that integrates a chance to win real money in the u.s. we have come up with a way to do it.

There is a big push.

What is the game?

How does it work?

We are integrating the new version with a sweepstakes.

You win golden ticket that can be used to win a sweepstakes.

We hold a drawing, and once a month everybody gets a chance to win $100,000. we are launching and 31 states.

We expand from there.

The rules are very specific state i stayed.

-- state-by-state.

Sweepstakes are well understood.

When you look at what is going on, a lot of difficulty.

What lessons have you taken about what is going on?

We made a decision to not pursue gaming because public policy changes slowly.

You can get there, but it is real slow.

The idea was him a letter take a different -- the idea was let's take a different approach.

We spent the last nine months building the sweepstakes approach.

The conclusion was that real money comes from direct gambling.

It is going to take a long time to change in the u.s. there is a patchwork of rules and regulations.

Our strategy was not sure -- was the framework today.

We focus on one number that tells a lot.

We have a special guest.

What have you got for us?

$7.4 billion.

That is the u.s. online gambling market.

We have been discussing this for a while.

Yet zynga has decided not to enter this.

Zynga looks like they are stepping out.

They are with drawing their application for a license for gambling.

They are trying to get people excited about video games again and not worry about this distraction of online gambling.

They say it is challenging.

If zynga right to not pursue this right now?

There is a lot to deal with.

Why don't you go pursue opportunities that are real?

Which they need to do.

Thank you for watching.

We will see you tomorrow.


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