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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Ryan Orbuch, winner of the 2013 Apple Design Student Award, and Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman discuss the possibility that Facebook may be losing its cool factor with teens. They speak with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

We spoke about whether facebook should be worried.

Just over the past year or so, a really prominent network to being something that everything still uses, but it is not exciting.

You just kind of have to use it because everyone else does.

There is no excitement.

You would say everyone has a facebook account, but maybe they do not go on as often as they go on other social networks?

And when they do go on, it is not, let's go check out facebook!

It is more, i have to check my facebook.

It is more of a utilitarian thing.

What do you use if it is not facebook?

Snapshot is huge.

I was in chemistry class talking about -- talking with a couple of friends about this.

Also, instagram, which, in facebook's book, is great.

Snapshot, specifically, is so much quicker.

You can easily spend ready minutes on.

With snap chat, it is a few minutes.

It is easier to get into, which, from a monetization perspective, might not be as good.

From a usage perspective, it works out really well.

Are teens using it to replace text messaging?

Is it to be funny or actually communicate about meeting up with people and stuff like that?

I have not seen it communicated in terms of the planning side of things.

For some parties, you will see facebook groups all the time.

In terms of what snapshot is really used for, it is kind of a light, friendly communication.

Just saying hi as opposed to a status update.

No one would post that kind of thing because no one would care.

You send it to friends via sna pchat.

I know you are on twitter and you are tech savvy, but how often do you and your friends use twitter?

For the most part, i have not seen twitter as much around school compared to the other networks.

Lots of schools do have twitters.

It is not for communication as much.

It is kind of inside jokes and stuff like that.

I think there is a place for it.

A lot of kids have private accounts or just a couple of followers, their close friends and that kind of thing.

Twitter is definitely a place for subtler communication that you could not do anywhere else.

I think it is growing, but it is not as huge of aps as facebook.

-- a piece as facebook.

Twitter folks are watching all of this on day four of the roadshow.

News about teenagers using facebook less.

Certainly, the timing works for twitter.

They just rolled out -- it makes it easier to look at pictures in your twitter feed.

Everybody loves the power of pictures and being able to get that instant gratification from them.

Everything that he is saying is really valuable stuff and it is a reminder that facebook, in the eyes of many young people, is a utility.

It is a place to check where -- almost like where your friends might be, but not necessarily the way to get the identity that you want out there.

And the cool factor, everybody loves their family, but facebook is a place where your mom, dad, and grandmother are.

Your grandmother is not using snapchat, although there might be a cool grandmother out there.

And this comes into play on the business side.

Teens have the influence over saying to their parents,

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