Facebook Launches `Dislike’ Button for Messenger

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Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Adam Johnson, Trish Regan, Alix Steel, Matt Miller and Jeff Hayzlett wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Resist that urge.

The other one is a can opener.

A magic is gone if i get that package.

I will find something else.

You guys ever wish that you could dislike someone on a facebook host?

Well, now you can, sort of.

Facebook introducing a dislike button on the messenger portion of the service.

The prepacked of thumbs down stickers will be released this week available from the facebook sticker store that you probably did not even know existed, but you will not necessarily be able to directly just like a picture of someone's christmas sweater, dog, or baby, but at least you can thumbs down someone's direct message.

Isn't that more insulting?

It is kind of obnoxious, actually.

If someone is taking the effort to write you a note, what are you going to do?

I would actually like the up yours button, that is what i want from a lot of my relatives.

The bigger thing is, they keep changing this stuff.

If you are a heavy user and some people rely on this environment to do business and they keep changing this stuff.

You have teenagers who are going to flee the site to another site like snap chat.

And on the flipside you want to prevent the bullying we have seen.

And i am all for that.

But in terms of bullying?

Is there a lot of bullying in high school?

Like i am not in high school, but absolutely.

Want to come outside?

Come outside.

It is an extraordinarily positive side, though.


Happy, happy, happy.

Look at my baby.

Look at my baby.

My baby is on there.

Maybe we need to interject a little reality.

I think it dislikes button is ok, and they actually have degrees of dislike as part of the package, but quit changing stuff, mark?

I want the sympathize button, though.

There were rumors about that.

Edward snowden is looking for his next runaway destination, seeking asylum in brazil, he up reportedly wrote an open letter to brazil saying that he would be willing to let the country investigate nsa spying on its soil if they granted local asylum.

It says -- there is one obvious problem with this request.

Currently the american cannot leave russia.

The u.s. revoked his passport in june and he cannot legally cross russian borders thomas oh it seems that our friend may be stuck unless the u.s. reinstates his passport.

And that is not going to happen.

If brazil and russia agree, why in the hell would he need a passport?

He can go, i wanted to go, he is closer for us to get, i will donate frequent flyer miles to the fbi to go get him.

You know what is nowhere is scary?

Vladimir putin.

I agree with you, vladimir putin is much scarier.

I agree, maybe we can take him out more easily.

Let's just wait for that big soccer game and grabbed them both.

They love him there.

They seem to.

She is very upset.

Do we even have that sound clip?

She came out earlier in the year and basically very strongly criticized the u.s. for saying -- you are not supposed to be spying on us, we are outraged that this is happening.

But they had to know, right?

They do it.

They did not get caught.

That is the big difference.

We were stupid enough to have this kind of stuff in the hands of contractors.

Every government is doing it against us, even our closest allies and friends.

By the way, the lawyer for edward snowden is affect -- in effect being provided by russian security forces, so what you think this is just vladimir putin trying to get a man down on brazil?

If they wanted to do that, everyone would do it.

Get him down there, he is closer.

Let me change the subject to cars.

You always want to change the subject to cars.

In the 1930s mgm made exactly 33 of the k-3 open top racer and there are more than 100 to choose from.

How did that happen?

Obviously, people have been making fakes or replicas of these.

I guess the same thing could happen with the stick jaguars being sold at auction, the big for aris being sold at auction.

How do you have a fake car?

We had a great story about a guy who is making porsche rs 60 spiders that are exactly to the standard of the original in connecticut.

These replicas go forth four hundred thousand dollars.

Because the original cars sell for -- what factory do they make them in?

Not factory.

These are custom shops.

If there is money to be had on the left to bowls, wine, watches, people lie about everything.

Online profiles, everything.

This is huge, huge, they are picking up a regular car, modifying it, custom making.

Lying is one of the biggest things they are now counterfeiting.

What about the job market for authentication?

It should always be buyer beware.

I want to point out that if it is a good enough replica?

I might rather have that than the original.

That is like antique shopping.

My husband always goes antique shopping and i am always like -- no, i just want the new one.

It will look just as good.

It will hold together better.


You want the new stuff.

I look like elvis, just before he died.

There are too many people talking simultaneously.

This is roundup, fire up.

Talk up.

Amazon wine, reportedly amazon is buying the mobile payment startup go pay go according to an italian newspaper.

An app that allows customers to order ahead, pay on their smartphone, and go to the store today cap the purchase.

It avoids the line.

Similar to the square app that turns the smartphone into a mobile wallet.

Reportedly both companies have something in common, they are both backed by jpmorgan.

There is speculation as to what they will do with this going forward, perhaps you could pay for stuff on other e-commerce sites through amazon.

They are just trying to expand into the paypal universe.

As our resident bitcoin expert, do you have anything to say?

Bitcoin is probably a better way to pay for the merchant and the user, you do not have the kind of fees that you have with paypal or visa.

Not now.

Some are looking at four percent fees.

This is an infrastructure pay -- play that we talked about a few weeks ago.

This is about a platform and what amazon and ebay are doing is a platform for merchants, whether they are online or off- line, my opinion, this is an off-line play, a place for amazon to get into local retailers with this kind of pay as you go.

Others are doing it and it makes a natural extension for amazon.

I do not know it will be -- if it will be as well-received as it should, a lot of these small retailers think that amazon is the devil, darth vader, that they are out to get their

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