Facebook Ending Gift Service Not Big Deal: Scissons

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Former Syncapse CEO Michael Scissons discusses Facebook shutting down its physical gifts service with Emith Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

My next guest says no flowers, no teddy bears, no problem.

He the former director of media sales at the interpublic network come over he led facebook's sales efforts from its earliest stages.

Why don't you think this is a big deal?

Backside of the gets a big deal because what we are seeing is a real move toward electronic commerce grade whether it is that starbucks at using our smartphone to play -- to pay for coffee, we are seeing a real shift to electronic types of payments.

Facebook is at a pivotal place to have an opportunity to play a role there.

Traditional commerce takes warehouses, factories, delivery people and a lot of stuff that facebook doesn't have and it is hard to globalize.

Think about digital codes and payments -- facebook has a real opportunity because they've got at scale and they can bring the scale much more easily.

I'm excited to see them take the physical nature of their business and vocus on the electronic nature where they have scale and a real opportunity you -- a real opportunity to move it forward.

Having warehouses and shipping physical good, that is amazon's expertise.

Facebook on the other hand, we've talked about the possibility for facebook to also revolutionize e-commerce.

Is there a potential they could do this is a word -- or is this not their thing?

I think there is a potential but are they to revolutionize distribution or warehousing?

I don't think so.

Are they going to revolutionize the ability to better understand your friends and use that data to buy more relevant gifts and license that data and allow other providers and people to use the data to improve their experience?

I think that's a high likelihood.

I think facebook could make a play like amazon from an e- commerce perspective is a far stretch because that's not their strategic advantage.

Their strategic advantage is the social graph or connectivity of the world.

Being able to make physical good day reality in all the markets were they do business would be a large stretch considering the momentum they have in other areas of the business right now.

Not saying it's not going to ever happen, but if i were mark, i would think about search and other areas that are easier to monetize faster than building warehouses and having delivery people drop things off that people houses.

Let's talk about getting back to the $100 billion mark.

Facebook ads have seen a lot of improvement in terms of the products and pick up on mobile.

What still needs to be done from an advertising product perspective?

I think what we have seen is solid execution.

They denigrate job on the salesforce and a great job on the facebook exchange.

They did a good job on mobile, especially if you think about mobile app installs.

I think you will see the bubbles develop in terms of people being able to buy.

The quantity of mobile ads for startups will dry up great but i think he will drive it through.

In terms of afternoon innovation, we have to see an ovation ovation on search and we will have to set take shape in a way to capture the lower end of the funnel that we have not seen.

Facebook is -- google is the behemoth.

That should be the prize mark should think about when he goes to bed in every single moment in between.

The numbers look pretty good , especially when it comes to mobile advertising and the revenue they are bringing in.

Would you say that facebook's are behind it and it's only uphill from here or do they still have a lot of work to do?

The thing we know about technology is there are always good days and always bad days.

Facebook has consistently done a good job of executing with their core business, which is the facebook social graph, putting ads in news feeds and add them aside of the page.

What we have not seen them do a great job at is these big, a revolutionary products like facebook home or search.

We have had big launches but have not seen them materialize.

They have instagram, people and assets they can take advantage of, but we have not seen a new market-making move outside of better execution for the existing assets.

I want to see some of the new things take shape.

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