Facebook Is Doing a Great Job in Mobile: Coelius

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Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Cory Johnson and Triggit CEO Zach Coelius review Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's comments at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013 event. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Cory, a lot of ground to cover, but what is your take away?

I have seen mark speak many times in public and in smaller situations.

At is the best i have ever seen him about being forthcoming and giving thought about what he is going to say without trying to hedge everything.

The contrast between marissa mayer and mark zuckerberg was enormous.

It seemed as if he was really speaking his mind.

And not in a steve ballmer way, trying to practice and sell more junk to more people, he believes in everything that they do at all times.

You can see that in everything that they talked about.

I was really struck by the forcefulness of his message about the problems of the nsa and how the government screwed up.

I was happy to see him be honest about that and not try to shield himself.

I agree, in comparison to marissa mayer in regard to the nsa question, he went off.

He even dropped a couple of swear words that a lot of people were talking about on twitter.

I have never seen him do a better job.

The edge of the chair, excited to talk about facebook and share where they are going.

I don't think i have ever seen him more comfortable on stage.

Cori, what about the remarks on national security -- cory, what about the remarks on national security act of ringing up conversations with government sources was pretty interesting.

This is september 11, for god's sake.

The day when the worst that could happen, failures of national intelligence happened.

The openness of our society is most exposed.

But that is the point of discussion.

For him to put it in the context of being a global business sitting on a private information -- at the same time, everybody wants to share and be more connected when it could not be less true.

Everybody doesn't want that and he sees it as a world that wants to be that way.

His personal thoughts about these business issues were front and center.

Arrington did great job in that interview.

We could see the specific situations when it matters most on this day.

They touched on various products, they said it has not rolled out as fast as we would have liked it too.

We are patient and still working on it.

He agreed with michael arrington when he said that the mobile products sucked.

He said, yes -- people say they still suck.

They have made a tremendous amount of progress and if you look at the mobile engagement numbers, people enjoy the mobile product more than they ever have.

Arc made a bad bet on html 5. but he shifted and took the company in the new direction.

They had no money from mobile advertising a year ago and they say 40% now.

They did a great job.

He talked about his personal challenges, giving himself a personal challenge every year.

One year was to learn chinese and this year is to meet someone outside of facebook everyday.

He acknowledged that i am an introvert and something that i thought would be pretty difficult to do.

What did you make of that?

Arc is a young guy.

I think it is one of the things that makes mark zuckerberg and silicon valley and aspiration point for the world.

It is fundamentally californian, too.

Reinvent yourself, change yourself, start a startup and become a billionaire.

It is all on the table for you.

I was imagining him finding himself the ceo of this company with 1.1 billion users trying to think, how do i deserve this and elevate myself to be the person that can instill those views?

Again, a sense of who this person is and how this person is driving that organization forward.

It was interesting to hear him say that bill gates was his hero.

Zuckerberg being an aspirational -- [talking over each other] all of us wanted to be luke skywalker, he wanted to be darth vader.

Something like that.

I swear, from the first time i saw zuck speak, i was fascinated about who he was.

I walked afterwards and i said to john, that dude is scary.

He reminds me of bill gates.

It was shocking to me.

You are the perfect guy to ask about this, being an aspirational figure, something that entrepreneurial figures look up to, what does he mean to you?

I think he has done a tremendous job and the way he is helping people connect.

He helps my parents connect with my family and helps your parents connect with you.

That is global and super powerful.

To be an entrepreneur, you have to be an optimist.

I have never once seen you not wearing that red shirt.

It takes a lot of devotion and hope.

Zuck's job is one of the hardest in the world.

He deals with global problems and the government decides to spy on citizens.

He is in the middle of that and his users are mad at him.

That is a big problem for tuesday.

On thursday, he has to deal with how they will make a mobile product.

Your company is doing well.

Do you have those days where you think it will take work?

To be part of what we are building and seeing the growth and the new things that we do every day, the hard things that really sucked -- what do you do on the days where it sucks?

Quacks tomorrow will be better and today is just a bad day.

Some people call the swings manic-depressive and they are real.

Thanks for weighing in.

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