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Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Michael Wolf, founder and managing director at Activate and Marshall Sonenshine, chairman at Sonenshine Partners, discuss a share offering by Facebook on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Overhang and they have to go out a movie shares.

It worries investors but there is a motto in silicon valley which as you raise money when you can, not when you need it.

They are taking advantage of this moment were people think the stock is doing well, the company is doing great, and it has gone back up.

So it is striking that balance between what is going to be that overhang versus good moment to raise money.

How do you discern a company doing this right whether it is fancy talk of gifts, class a, class b, and a company that is being devious about it or less transparent about it?

The big indicator is -- how long does the ipo -- are people giving out their shares or selling their shares?

At the moment, facebook had -- a initial wave of people who left, but for the most part we have not seen a lot of that.

The initial shareholders, marshall sonenshine, help us as well, knew this was going to occur when a bot of those shares.

They knew this would happen.

Yes, there are lock up options and post-lock up option periods, you should expect insiders to sale.

The gifting will not hurt anybody initially, but later on if the sets of a foundation, he gets a full tax credit.

Slowdown, this is a sonenshine alert.

Give me all the literature you brought today.

Michael wolf showed up with his iphone, marshall has enough -- he actually knows what he is talking about.

You are presuming mr.

Zuckerberg is setting up a gift transferred to set up a zuckerberg foundation.

Scarlet said he was selling some shares and there was a news item that he was going to give some shares.

I assume, i do not know, but i assume he will set up a foundation, texas -- take his taxes -- and -- the letter a to b -- is the a

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