Facebook: Back From the Bottom, Time to Short?

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Aug. 2 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Chart Attack," KeeneOnThemarket.com President Andrew Keene and Bloomberg's Adam Johnson look at the performance of Facebook's stock on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Time to show you a chart that will make you smarter and make use the money.

Facebook stock has been on a tear.

For the eighth day in a row, is making another post-ipo-back to where it started.

And joaquin -- andrew keene, talk to us about facebook and how you are playing the options.

Facebook is unbelievable.

It took off.

It is back to the ipo price.

They are making another all-time high.

It is hard for me to want to short the stock because momentum is so strong.

I think there is over have supplied.

A lot of people have been in the stock for a long time and lost money.

They want to get out.

It is that the exact ipo price.

It does not seen it can break through it.

I think it is going lower.

I do not want to short.

I bought some puts.

I have already sold half.

I can do this for about 50 cents.

My break-even is around $36.90. if i see it start to roll over, i may spread it out.

People want to get out.

We are all on social media.

Twitter, love it.

Linkedin, amazing.

I do not use facebook.

I do not know many people that like it anymore.

But they have $one.

2 billion -- do you know how many are fake?

Parts may be as many as 30%. they are not doing anything right.

Linkedin is very strong on earnings.

A new all-time high almost every day.

I think there is an overhead supply for facebook.

I do not like it as the company.

They will have to compete against google.

I would not want to compete against amazon and google.

Is twitter the next myspace?

People are moving off of facebook and twitter.

It is more professional.

I use facebook for pleasure.

I use twitter for business.

You still use it for social connections.

Do you think that is going away?

They are asking for some global pricing on advertising.

If they can generate revenue from that, it is a different story.

I not think many companies will be willing to pay for this.

A lot of the users are fake.

You are alleging that.

Twitter and linkedin is more for professionals.

Professionals will have more money than a 16-year-old.

But if you can get 16-year- olds hooked on something james -- yelp is up from 40 to 60 in two days.

I think there is oversupply.

Today is the first day in seven days it did not trade 100 million shares.

It is getting tired.

I am not saying to aggressively short facebook.

I am just saying i could see it hitting $33 before $45. trisha is an influence on linkedin.

Every month, i write a piece for them as do 99 others.

It is about keeping people on the side.

You have got to provide some content for them to be looking at.

That is in addition to the networking.

I am putting content on it.

They are getting it for myself and 99 other people.

Is this enough?

Is this enough to keep people on the site longer?

Linkedin from a professional point of view is amazing.

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