Facebook and Twitter Battle for Celebrities

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Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Mashable's Christina Warren, Hollywoodlife.com's Bonnie Fuller and Bloomberg's Brian Womack discuss the importance of celebrities on social media platforms with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Platforms, it will draw people in.

That is the holy grail.

Facebook and twitter want as many users as possible.

Twitter has emerged as a goto place for celebrities.

So facebook challenging them, that becomes important.

Twitter needs all the users it can get.

Still much smaller from a user perspective and advertisement perspective.

What are they doing to make it easier for katy perry to be on twitter?

They are doing things to make the chats easier.

They do question and answer sessions.

Trying to make that easier by doing a lot of other things, to.

They have pulled out #'s and verified accounts.

They are doing a lot of different things.

Hiring folks.

Making a lot of investments.

They want to see this work.

Pre-k'coming up on how is facebook challenging them?

Anyone can start a page on facebook.

Are they holding celebrity marathons?

I do not get it.

My facebook page, for example my public facebook page is something that was newly created.

These are the public row files.

Twitter is already public.

Facebook has all these huge platforms where celebrities can make the public residence known.

This feeds right into that.

If a photograph goes on instagram or facebook first, everyone will go to facebook and instagram first.

Lex is a level of -- a celebrity could have done this from the beginning.

What are they doing?

The big challenge is right now it is difficult for the celebrities themselves to use facebook.

Rex because they do not know how to use facebook?

It is different managing your personal account.

That is the problem.

What they are talking about rolling out is away for celebrities to have more one on one chat.

I am hoping tools will make it easier to use.

The thing with twitter is because a user is a user is a user.

Does not matter if you are a brand, celebrity or me.

It is all the same experience.

There is not that difficulty in trying to get people to share things.

People already use tools to post multiple social networks at one side -- at one time.

What facebook is hoping to change is to have more back way to and fro.

There is so many things out there.

I have never had a problem using facebook.

I feel like it would be just as easy for me now if i became facebook.

It is important for the celebrities.

There is an economic value for them.

It works both ways.

The celebrities need the followers.


It is sort of like a battle of eagle -- ego.

Celebrities truly are not using facebook often.

We did a study how often justin bieber posted on facebook ursus twitter.

They post on facebook last -- less because it is harder to do.

It is much easier to do.

These celebrities are traveling constantly so they can easily tweaked from their own found and instagram it is not as easy.

I am baffled by the idea.

I find it really easy to use facebook, even from the mobile platform.

Is twitter that much easier than facebook?

I think it gets back to the different use case.

Twitter is going to get more posts because you can just post at this.

I was talking to a celebrity and she just stats and then we'll go back to do her facebook and do something with more content, something a little more deep, if you will.

It is a different use case.

Facebook has an advantage in that when you go to the pages, you tend to be there longer.

I feel like the issue is simply celebrities using -- like using twitter better.

It is just a simpler saying.

You do not have to necessarily interact.

What does that mean for the company?

I think that is why facebook is trying to make it easier.

Twitter is easier to use.

The thing about instagram, it is attracting the teenagers they are losing.

Instagram is a hot thing among young teenagers.


100% true.

They need to bring this to the rich and famous.

Bringing in the teenage audience so you are up-and- coming, cool.

What is it about the celebrities that is appealing to the teenagers?

I would say it is lifestyle.

You see something and want to be like that person, you want to wear what they are wearing.

We are all lawyers.

It is a little bit of just wanting to be like celebrities.

It is fun to follow them.

One of the other things is a lot of younger teenagers are afraid to go on facebook because they think they are too young.

Older siblings tell them they should not go there.

It is their own place.

We will leave it there.

Thank you.

Good to see you bonnie and

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