Facebook Acquires U.K. Based Ascenta for $20M

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March 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Sarah Frier reports on Facebook buying Ascenta, a U.K.-based aerospace company for $20M to help deliver the internet to underserved areas by building drones, satellites and lasers. She speaks to Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

They are looking at delivering web access through drones, satellites, and lasers.

They have acquired a u.k. company to help.

She broke the story in san francisco.

How important is this to mark zuckerberg?

Thanks for having me.

What mark is looking forward to is a future of having more potential users to go on to facebook.

Right now, they have almost half the internet connected population using their server.

That means growth is going to stall if we don't do something to add more people to the internet.

He is very passionate about this as well.

As one of the underlying business factors.

Getting more people online.

How much are they paying for this?

Less than $20 million?

Less than $20 million.

For a company -- it is not one of those multibillion dollar acquisitions like whatsapp.

Tell us a bit more about it.

It is a small company, but they have the most experience in aerospace for this technology that allows aircraft to be suspended in air for a long.

Of time.

-- a long period of time.they will be able to do eliver internet through lasers in row areas, where the designers do not reach.

How does this fit in with what they spoke is trying to do?

It is a big goal for zuckerberg to get this done.

He told his board he doesn't care if he makes money off it.

He wants to connect the world.

He thinks that will be crucial to the future of facebook and people on the internet.

He has said explicitly, we don't

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