Facebook, 180-degree turnaround from IPO?

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Doug MacMillan discusses with Deirdre Bolton the possible reasons why Facebook topped its sales and profit estimates on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

I we see an about-face for this company.

When the company went public, this was their biggest weak point.

Increasingly, users are spending time on their mobile phones.

He called the company a mobile first company and shifted feldman resources towards mobile and prove to advertisers that users were going to mobile death -- resources towards mobile and proved to advertisers that users were going to mobile.

Some corporate clients to abandon facebook are coming back.

-- who abandoned facebook are coming back.

A year ago, where a lot of people would have said that facebook and mobile was an experiment for advertisers, it is starting to become a staple.

We heard from the ceo sheryl sandberg yesterday who listed off major advertisers.

She also made a point to list general motors, who pulled out of facebook a year ago, is now advertising religiously on instagram.

They are winning back the hearts and minds of advertisers.

Thank you, doug macmillan joining us there from san francisco.

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