Faber: I Expect a Big Stock Selloff in the Fall

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Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- “Gloom, Boom and Doom Report” Editor and Publisher Marc Faber discusses his forecast for U.S. stocks with Trish Regan on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Right now around 1900, where do you see it by december this year?

Personally by december, i don't know.

Between now and the year end, the markets will drop something like another 10% or even 20%. we can have a big selloff in the fall.

So a big selloff coming this fall.

You are predicting a loss of 10% to 20%. a significant correction.

A lot of stocks are down 10% already.

Overall market?

The s&p could be down 10%-20%? i think the s&p will close it down on the year.

And i think the bull market is more than five years old.

By any standard, this is a very old bull market.

It began in 2009. we are now august 2014. the economic recovery began in june 2 thousand nine.

We are now august 2014. -- in june 2009. we are now august 2014. by printing money, they have delayed the cleaning process.

But i believe asset prices are unattractive.


I hold some shares, some bonds, some real estate, but i don't believe the returns will be very happy.

Let's talk about the fed for a moment, the expectation the

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