FAA’s Tel Aviv Flight Ban Quiets Israeli Airspace

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu breaks down the timeline surrounding the FAA ban of flights by U.S. carriers into Tel Aviv Airport as other global airlines join in avoiding the airspace. She speaks on “In The Loop.”

Scarlet fu has the figures you need to know.

Lay it out for us.

Let's go with the timeline.

This was triggered by a rocket landing.

That was yesterday.

About two hours away from israel when the rocket landed so the plane was then diverted and he landed there.

It followed up by canceling all the flights until further notice.

Then, the file that up and it does only supply -- applied to u.s. carriers.

What about other airlines?

It is not just this one.

You have had other international airlines.

Also suspend flights.

The airport authority pushed back.

He has the israeli carrier pushing back.

The owner is making that case as well.

He left tel aviv last night and here's what he said when he departed from the jfk airport.

It is safe and efficient and a great way to travel.

A great airlines and we have a lot of airlines that are great as well.

I want them also be able to fly around the world and land safely and in peace.

Was different this time about the fighting is the backdrop.

We know airlines are fairly jittery after malaysian airline 17 was downed out of israel.

Rockets have much more reach.

J 80 rockets travel farther than originally estimated, putting tel aviv in greater danger.

The first rockets fired barely cleared the border.

2000 rockets have been fired since the start of the conflict.

As a result of this, the airspace over israel is fairly quiet did you do not see a lot of airline as a result.

I thank you.

I appreciate you breaking that down for us.

We want to turn out to the malaysian air flight 17. france is working but there are still a lot of questions.

The airline deals with the

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