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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Andrew Pascal, CEO of Playstudios and former president of Wynn Las Vegas, discusses Playstudios teaming up with MGM for myVEGAS. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Background of your business and how that has led to what you are doing now.

Thanks a lot.

The whole idea of the company is to extend the las vegas experience onto mobile devices.

A lot of people recognize gambling is a form of content and its pretty popular.

It's just natural that it would find its way onto these channels.

What distinguishes us as we are delivering the whole experience and leveraging real las vegas brands than letting people play games that are close to the kinds of experiences they will have in the casino all for free.

But as they play, they amass loyalty currency they can use to purchase real world rewards.

They get to play for free and in the course, when a free trip to the bellagio.

You have this partnership with mgm.

Walk us through these things that people are able to enjoy through that.

We have a great partnership with mgm which has a broad collection of properties from the circus work is to the blodget and the mgm grand.

We have created a virtual las vegas where people play games and amass that currency and get to shop for everything that is accessible like dream vacations, swimming with the sharks, it has been a great ardor ship and what they love about it as they get to leverage these important channels.

Mobile devices can acquire new devices and deeply engage the consumers they already have and we are proving that is what they are responding to.

They love the opposition and that they get to engage with their brands.

I should also note that we are not just partnered with mgm.

We have a broad collection of partners, including the house of lose and wolfgang.

We will continue to expand the collection of orders that we have which makes it more compelling for our players.

As we talk vomit it makes me think of zynga and the founder there.

There were stories thereof his company going to vegas and taking members of the team to hotels.

You worked at when.

Do you think being -- someone who has been a senior executive for a long time maybe give you an edge in this interesting new world of gaming?


What was interesting is when i decided to get into this industry, i attended one of the gaming conferences.

Everything they were talking about were chance-based mechanics and loyalty systems.

The way these games are designed to engage.

All of that stuff is what we have refined it in las vegas and i would argue las vegas is the first social game experience.

You convert that into an intermediate currency and the more you play, you advance and as you advance, you unlock a world of services and benefits.

I think the experience me and my team have focused on the more traditional gambling world absolutely translates and applies to what we are doing now.


We appreciate the time.

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