Exploding Cows: Chipotle Ads Build a Beef Boom

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Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief national correspondent Carol Massar looks at Chipotle’s new, unconventional advertising campaign on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Bowl ad.

A four-part video series, each segment is about 30 minutes long.

When tom is done watching "downton abbey," he can watch something from chipotle.

It is going after industrial agriculture.

We got a sneak peek, i spent time with the chief operating officer.

It was a hollywood production.

They will roll out on hulu.

It is about getting the message of food with integrity.

Check this out, it is not a typical tv ad.

There is no explicit chipotle branding, check it out.

Why am i here?

This is the biggest improvement in agriculture since synthetic growth hormones.

What is it?

You are feeding cattle petroleum?

Peanut oil, olive oil.

Side effects?

You have got to love chipotle . who is the target market?

Mcdonald's has been out of the picture, there is one mention of chipotle, it has to do with mcdonald's owning the company.

Mcdonald's has not own the company since chipotle went public.

You are as jaded as anybody i know on this.

That is awful.

What surprised you?

I love their approach.

They are spending a small percentage of their revenue on marketing.

So different from mcdonald's or burger king.

They are known for animated shorts.

They have gone over 20 million hits on youtube for one half.

Thank you so much.

Caterpillar out, the theme is pretty good.

Use to cash helping us.

An important blue chip.

Plans for a $10 billion stock buyback.

In the first quarter, aiming to repurchase 1.7 billion dollars in shares.

In terms of the actual numbers for the quarter that just ended, a big beat, $1.54, analysts

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