Expecting GM’s Internal Recall Report: Rep. Murphy

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April 2 (Bloomberg) -- Rep. Tim Murphy, a Republican from Pennsylvania, recaps General Motors CEO Mary Barra’s first day of testimony on a delayed automobile recall on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

With the congressman.

He looked yesterday like congress was so well-informed and marriott had not even read the literature put forward.

Was that shocking?

It was alarming to me, yes.

The response was 200 thousand pages long.

My staff got through it all.

There was even more.

Nonetheless, that was important.

The response was 200 thousand pages long.

My staff got through it all.

There was even more.

Nonetheless, that was important.

At least with the important information there about what went wrong.

Class what do you think though?

She seemed genuinely sorry and did meet with the family.

She has set up a meeting with ken feinberg.

Class i have no doubt she is deeply sorry and ice the kylie of her.

There is -- highly -- i speak highly of her.

But she is going before the senate today and there is a lot of pressure on her to find out of those issues and is vaguely a part costs less than a dollar and why could she not replace it?

That will cost a lot more now.

One of the issues seems to be the corporate culture at general motors their time and time again, they are and about cost.

Yesterday, he said the new gm would be focused on the consumer.

Issuesdo you think she has the ability to change the company the way it needs?

A couple of things they have to look at in the corporate culture.

If somebody an engineer and made the decision and the cost was too much, that information was not put into balance with safety concerns, that is a corporate culture that has to change.

If there is a corporate culture success, we do not want to hear bad news about, that has got to change.

That will bring any company down.

People were not passing up and down the chain of she has the ability to changethat is a bad situation.

Indirect command.


I wonder what you expect to hear from the senate committee here today.

Are they more focused on the consumer issue?

What will be the issue between what you cover yesterday?

These issues, what do you mean, what are you going to do differently?

I hope they throw more into the corporate culture.

Only, the idea she had that it is not acceptable to have someone except a part that does not meet their standards, i think the senate can do deeper now because we have had another day to look into those things.

We always hear congresspeople asking for information coming in later.

She said time and time again is under investigation and is helping to look into it.

We want that report when they finished their internal investigation.

The interviews of people who signed off on those documents saying it is ok.

We need to talk to them directly.

Back to you.

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