iPhone 6: Big Screen for 'Mother Lode' of Upgrades

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March 21 (Bloomberg) -- ISI Group's Brian Marshall discusses what to expect from the iPhone 6 with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West" (Source: Bloomberg)

It's going to have a lot of bells and whistles.

The most important thing by far will be the larger formfactor.

We were in barcelona two weeks ago and surveyed all the 20 new high-end smartphones and all of them had a 5-6 inch screen.

Iphone is not up to par yet.

We think the larger form factor will be the biggest deal by far.

How much bigger will it be ? 5.5 inches.

That is a big step up from the current four inches today.

I think that will be a welcomed spansion.

-- expansion.

We did a survey that showed that people weren't that convinced about upgrading just for a larger screen.

What they really cared about was battery life and having a better battery.

Will it be any better?

When you have a larger screen, that increases the surface area of the phone.

It provides more opportunities to put bigger batteries in the back.

I think battery life will improve on the iphone six.

The building materials will be something that we are monitoring closely.

How much it costs to many text the phone.

The screen will be more expensive.

A larger battery will be more expensive.

Hopefully everything else can come down in terms of cost so we could still have nice functionality with good margins.

Samsung's new galaxy phone also has some bells and whistles.

You can drop it in water and it's fine.

Or android users going to migrate to apple because of this new iphone?

I think it's a possibility.

I actually almost migrated to a galaxy as for because i wanted that five inch form factor.

I didn't because i couldn't get off the apple ecosystem.

I think there could be some people migrating back off of the android platform because of the formfactor being up to current standards.

This will be a phenomenal opportunity for the company to really accelerate its revenue growth.

I think we see a pretty quick $75 move in the stock.

We are pretty optimistic here on apple.

What is this new phone going to be released?

That's a good question.

The current track is for late september.

That's the lodge cycle of the iphone and the ipad.

Both of those products generate 80% of apple's gross profits today.

We think it makes sense to split this up a little bit.

We would prefer to see the iphone migrate when earlier launch.

That's how it started back in 2007. that's our hope.

We will know within three or four weeks whether that turns out to be the case.

Either this summer or early fall.

Brian marshall.

We will be watching for.

Thank you so much.

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