Expect a Spike in IPOs After Labor Day: Atwell

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Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Deloitte's Jim Atwell comments on the health of the venture capital market. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

I think the u.s. venture capital market is good right now.

The only thing brighter than the sun is san francisco is the -- in seven cisco is the venture capital market.

They are focused on margins here in the u.s.. in particular, silicon valley, seven cisco, and new york.

As far as brazil, china, other markets, these were pretty hot for a wild.

Why the shift now?

What they tested the market in brazil last year.

China for the last few years.

It is difficult to obtain results and liquidity.

The difficulty of actually getting the returns of their limited partners are looking for.

I think when they look at those spaces, mobile, cloud, security, privacy, they see those coming.

We will see a spike in the ipo market.

There is a heavy backlog of companies looking to go public.

After labor day, we will see a spike in ipo's. you mentioned five areas that seem to be garnering a lot of extra money.

You had cloud and mobile.

It seems something like 92%. 90% is going towards these five areas.

The mobile cloud, enterprise, healthcare and consumer software.

That is pretty high.

They invest where they are confident and those are the areas where they are confident in.

92% of the u.s. capitol dollars has flown into these five areas.

If you look at these areas, they are all technology.

Which is sectors are losing investment?

Are those the ones gaining?

Which are seen less interest?

Primarily, consumer business, the non-tech friday, energy.

Primarily because of the capital involved in building those companies is pretty significant and therefore the more capital, the higher the returns need to be.

Those are double-digit decreases.

We thank you very much for the time.

Thank you for bringing the report.

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