Executive Privilege: Biden Snaps Selfie With Obama

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April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Vice President Joe Biden is the latest to succumb to the selfie fad. The VP snapped a selfie while sitting next to President Barack Obama in a White House limo. (Source: Bloomberg)

I am doing time lapsed photography now.

I have no clue what i am doing.

You do it on the set, too.

Tom is immune to these selfie disease.

I was going to do a selfie with paul krugman, and he said it would be beneath his reputation.

[laughter] i don't know who took this one, vice president joe biden snapping the selfie what the president in a white house limo by his office.

He says he is now joined instagram, tom, so followers can find out what happened on the road with that guy.

You should be on instagram.

I talked to people this week about boomer social media about it, i see facebook domestic waiting and now international is waiting, twitter has a life of its own, which is great, but instagram is the one that is really picking up.

It is amazing to see the vitality of instagram, good and bad, going on like that.

Tom -- you should do instagram.

I think we should do a selfie.

Should we do a selfie right now?

Where we doing.

I have finally declaring the selfie is completely overrated.

Hold on.

: hold on.

1, 2 -- ok.

So we have done a selfie.

When does this go away?

You wonder when the fad goes away, and the answer is the accessibility of this ecosystem.

It is unreal what you can do.

I am doing this thing where the linens and stays open and the light streaks at night, i have not figured that out yet.

That is my next instagrammy thing.

I am not very good with my phone.

I can't find my selfie now.

I am going to tweet it out.

Please tweet it out.

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