Exclusivity: Luxury Retail‘s Secret to Resilience

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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Stephen Sadove, chairman at National Retail Federation and Jeff Corbin, CEO at KCSA Strategic Communications, discuss brand exclusivity on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Fashion technology company.

That was a great description.

It is fashion and technology, they have done a wonderful job of associating with the best athletes.

It is a fashion company, they do a great job of ridding out new fashion season after season.

Jeff gordon, they are the iconic home run.

What is the best practice of making an image -- nike in image?

Getting the story out -- every day.

Every day we see nike somewhere.

It is almost an exclusive brand, on 57th street.

You see the tourists go in.

Steve sadove, jobs day.

You look at jobs created, up and down the spectrum.

What you do better than anybody is you say to a designer, i will take on red valentino, we want this dress, we are exclusive.

Is that the continuing message?

Exclusivity is important, even at the low end.

Macy's going afterr relationships with designers.

The ipo this year, montclair.

Steve sadove, what did they get exclusively right?

They understand the fashion and the luxury and winter wear.

That was a home run ipo.

Montclair flies off the shelves.

The extra smalls, everyone from asia get s it.

What is the role of a department store?

A brand curator or a brand aggregator?

I think it is a brand curator.

When i walk into bloomingdale's across the street, it looks like a brand aggregator, a bunch of many ini shops.

I don't think that is true, you do have some elements.

Take a saks, 15% concessions for gucci, prada, most of it is an edited a source of the best brands.

Your vendors are your competitors as well, but your vendors are edited.

A moment of silence for my wallet.

You go on to your shoe store at saks.

Like the grocery store that puts the gary in the back to put -- that puts the dairy in the back, you put the louis vuitton in the back.

People will go to the back of that space, one of the only concessions within the department store in the world.

What does louis vuitton get right?

Where do they get the time to make all that?

They are enormously creative.

Steve sadove with louis vuitton.

You have got to go through 875 pairs of shoes.

Everybody at the saks knows tom.

What is happening in equities, futures climbing.

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