Exciting Tech Jobs Picture Here in NYC: Hidary

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April 4 (Bloomberg) -- Former Dice Inc. Chairman and CEO Jack Hidary discusses tech jobs on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Joining us now is jack, who brough ran for new york city mayor this past year.

It is interesting to me that, not only are we creating tech jobs at a faster pace than under industries in new york city, but those jobs pay 50% more than hourly wage workers who work for the government.

That is both positive and troubling.

That is correct.

We have a very exciting jobs picture here in new york city, particularly with tech jobs.

Nearly 300,000 jobs in new york city alone in the tech sector.

What's really interesting about that is that 150,000 of those jobs are in non-tech companies.

That is like being a programmer at citibank or a tech manager goldman.

A lot of the tech jobs in new york city are in non-tech company spirit we have a lot of startups in york city.

That is the result of the new incubators and venture capital that is now flowing into new york at record paces.

You are seeing areas like brooklyn where there are seeing a huge start a culture.

I find it troubling because the fact that the growth is so fast and the wages being paid are so much higher than other sectors, isn't that going to increase the wage disparity in the city?

The opportunity in the tech sector is different from other sectors.

In law, you have to go to law school and get a degree.

Going to that.

Medicine, the same thing.

The tech sector sees a different picture.

A lot of nontraditional workers coming into the tech sector.

A lot of people who did not major in computer science or do not go to college.

Now entering the tech workforce.

More than 100,000 jobs in tech in york city don't require a college degree.

At a lot of them are going to places like general assembly or going online to code academy.

These are online and off-line places to get computer schools.

The computer industry in york

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