Exchange Outages Shake Confidence: LeapFrog CEO

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Aug. 22 (Bloomberg) -- LeapFrog Enterprises CEO John Barbour discusses the company's partnership with Listening Library, competition and Nasdaq trading halt. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Want to welcome john barbour, the chiefa executive of leapfrog.

He joins us from san francisco.

The two have you with us.

Explain what this partnership is designed to do.

One of the things we are famous for is the content that we put on our hardware platforms.

It delivers a really engaging fun experiences but at the same time is filled with education for children.

This partnership allows us to expand our content library of really great e-books that kids -- think about it.

Kids don't all have a chance these days to read good quality e-books.

We are very much a driver in that space.

As you go through this partnership, you must have had certain service-level agreements , meaning that if they are going to provide the e-books then the kids have to be able to get them.

The system cannot go down.

I'm wondering if we can tie in today's nasdaq's sna ffoo.

How do you ensure you can deliver the product.

All of us build back end systems that have redundancy built-in said that if you do get an outage, you can hopefully recover.

These systems are so incredibly complicated these days that most of them have problems so often and the trick to it is getting them fixed as fast as possible, understanding what caused the problem and getting it repaired so that it never happens again.

It does give you a question of confidence.

Talk a little bit about the competition that exists because leapfrog, as a tablet, as a computer for children, it has competition.

Children see their parents using an ipad and say, i want that too.

They do.

We kind of make the ipad for children.

How many parents can afford to give their young child a $400 or $500 tablet?

What we do is create a really cool tablet that has a seven inch screen, but the difference is all of our content has been developed or approved by educational experts.

When the kid goes on the internet, they do it through a safe browser.

We are creating the alternative for children so that they can have their own tablet and the parent isn't concerned about what they are going to experience on it.

That is what changes children's lives, the ability to have this engaging fun content there but have it filled with education.

Kids need all the help they can.

What about games and entertainment?

We have games, books, music, e-books.

We have over 800 pieces of content.

When parents are buying a tablet for their child, it is the content that changes the kids lives, not the hardware.

We have a reputation for making the best content.

If you look at the charts last year, leapfrog's content with the number one selling toy in america.

Age groups for the frog -- leapfrog products and price point please?

The bulk of our products can sell tickets through 2 to eight or nine years old.

Price point is $79 up to $140. how are people who want to partner with you -- how do they connect with you in order to see if what they have got is what your customer wants?

We have a whole team of specialists and education experts who are working with content developers all the time.

We have very high standards.

That is one of the things that makes us different.

Every piece of content that goes on our platform has to be either developed or approved by our education team.

If you go to the other app stores, many of the apps developed that people call educational, there had never been educators involved in the process.

People know when they come to

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