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Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Newscred Co-Founder and CEO Shafqat Islam discusses online publishing on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

From you?

It is great to be back.

Newscred is a content marketing platform and we provide number one, access to world-class content from a network of publishers -- everything from "the new york times, post quote to even bloomberg, and we provide a technology platform that they can use to publish to their marketing channels.

What is in it for them?

Is it just about their brands connecting better, enriching their experience?

Brands are trying to tell more authentic stories with purpose.

Whether it is a 140-character tweet, or an article, if you take pepsi, their audience cares about beyonce, the super bowl, so they like content about those topics.

How did you know this was a business.

You say it, and i'm taking it is a great idea, but how did you know to launch this?

We started five years ago.

We have integrated our business quite a bit.

We always listen to the market.

We have great relationships with publishers.

We realize that if we connect stakeholders we can build a compelling business.

Listening and responding to feedback -- there is an interesting idea.

You went through a series c raise.

We just raised $20 million.

Quite a big chunk of change, and this is your third round.

What are you using the money for?

Not a super bowl ad, unfortunately, not yet.

To be honest, the market is hot.

The category is large.

We have to defend our position.

We are the leader.

We need to separate ourselves.

We will double sales staff in new york and the u.k., and we are in the innovation business, not just the software business, so we will double down on product and technology hires as well.

You said technology, but there's a creative aspect.

Who else are you hiring?

Design is a perfect example.

We believe software companies, even business-to-business software companies like us should have amazing designs.

We also provide access to a freelance network.

Even though they are not our direct employees, we provide access to him aging journalist, designers -- amazing journalists, artists.

You are finding it easy or difficult to find the talent that you want?

It has been easy.

Our mission has been to create an industry handheld news creators and content creators thrive and we pay top of the market prices.

It has been great working with these freelancers.

Shafqat islam, thank you.

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