European Taxi Drivers Plans to Protest Uber

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June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Olivia Sterns and Sarah Frier reports on the European Uber protest planned for tomorrow. They speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Tomorrow with these protests?

They are expecting 10-12,000 taxi to show up to protest rate if they turn out in trafalgar square and the central market -- monument, this has the potential to create enormous gridlock and be a huge hassle for the city.

There has been smaller protest before but this is a much more mass demonstration.

Edits -- it is taking place across europe.

It is expected to be worse.

It could bring the city to a standstill.

If that does happen, it gets to the heart of the issue of what's going on and european economies.

These are industries that are heavily regulated.

What you are seeing is the crisis taking place and you see how difficult it is to enact these reforms that are needed to take place for the european economy to become more competitive.

Nobody likes these disruptive new technologies to be in place but that's what the backlash is this the same kind against companies like aereo and air b&b. i understand uber has run into regulatory hurdles.

Let's take a lesson to what travis had to say about regulations and general.

Customers, citizens of the cities, are getting around the city much more easily.

It's 40% cheaper than a taxi.

How does a regulator or city official take that away from the population?

An expensive transportation that is high-quality, you should not have.

It's very difficult.

With that premise, we are in 130 cities and there is only one city ever that i have pulled back any service and that was vancouver.

Black cabs in london are no joke.

They are pretty expensive.

How do they stack up pricewise?

To be honest, it's a lot cheaper with uber.

I'm going from our office to the east part of london to notting hill and that will cost me about 40 pounds in a black cap.

By take uber it will probably cost me 22 pounds.

It's significantly cheaper but in london, if you end up hailing a black cap, you will take those express lanes that are designated for them.

If you're in a hurry, that's good news but cities like new york, you cannot always pay for a taxi by credit card.

That's another big example with uber.

You can still use your smart phone with uber.

It such a fascinating company.

It's a polarizing company and people have such strong opinions.

This is a company that has raised money at a $17 billion valuation.

I talked to uber drivers who lost their jobs and have a job because of uber and others who were taxi drivers before and could not make it and decided to switch instead.

This is an interesting -- this protest is interesting because it puts on its head the message from uber which is we are fighting the big bureaucracy and we are giving consumers what they want but this protest reminds us that taxi and limousine drivers are people, too.

Not all of them are employed by uber or raising their hands to switch jobs to be uber drivers and many people are affected by these changes.

In the u.s., uber has been able to rally consumers on their side, signing petitions and saying when he to bring uber to our city.

You are right, it's very polarizing.

Uber has run into regulatory hurdles in the united states.

They are still fighting battles in many cities.

Do you get the sense that the battles uber is fighting in europe are bigger than what they are fighting in the united states or can these be overcome?

What they are talking about is that this will be decided at national level or a municipal level on a city to city basis.

The good news for uber is that the european commission vice president has said the ban the brussels court put on uber was crazy and put a bad anti-tech message out.

There is support for disruptive new technologies.

There is a clear recognition that this is a much better option for consumers.

The resistance is much more local but it will be decided regionally, country to country, city to city.

I know you be covering those protests for us.

Thank you both for being with me.

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