Europe Turns to Alternatives on NSA Fallout

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Dec. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Cory Johnson reports on today's top tech news stories on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

And yahoo!

Are feeling the effects of the internet fallout in europe.

It could cost those companies $35 billion in lost revenue.

Facebook grabbing the number two spot in online ad sales.

This is thanks to mobile sales.

Google has 40%, not even close yet.

The former microsoft executive has been charged with insider trading.

Brian jorgensen allegedly passed on trading information on the company's finances.

This guy did an interesting job at microsoft.

He look at the press release of earnings and acquisitions and engaged with the market would be.

He was trading on the side.

It is not just microsoft but a microsoft acquisition target.

It has been fascinating to me.

Many of them are very liquid.

The sec has prosecuted 20% fewer insider trading cases than they did in previous years.

They have been very high profile.

The numbers are way down.

High-profile cases but fewer.

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