Europe Showing Signs of Economic life: Luschini

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Final Word," Janney Montgomery Scott Chief Investment Strategist Mark Luschini discusses why he likes Europe. He speaks with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

This chemical weapons convention should be upheld and no one has the right to violate it.

We will be watching and waiting.

And then putin could take credit.

He could.

That is the ultimate chess decision.

Give him the credit.

Let him have the credit.

He's a diplomat as well as a bluster were.

General wes clark, great to have you.

Coming up, you may remember them from about a decade ago with six hit albums.

They have another and now they had a hit beer as well.

The hanson brothers are back and they are joining us momentarily.

? mm bop ? ? a final word with our closer.

You like the u.s.. we talked a lot about financials.

You also like europe.


Very much so.

They're starting to show signs of economic life.

After six consecutive quarters of contraction, we see isn surveys all over countries in the euro area that are also -- and recently the pmi in europe.

It is encouraging along with the same time valuations are exceedingly cheap.

The cyclically adjusted price to earnings ratio which stands at 23. united states historical is about 16. it is 12 for euro equities.

If you believe summer version is likely to happen on the back of approved -- improving economic growth we think it bodes very well.

Great to have you here.

Like the boys of hanson are backend they have here.

Find out about that next on "street smart." ?

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