Europe Shifting Carbon Priorities to Costs: Patel

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June 9 (Bloomberg) -- Ilesh Patel, partner at Baringa, talks with Olivia Sterns about Europe’s changing priorities on carbon as consumers start to focus on how costs impact a move to renewable energy. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Here is part of a consulting group.

Thank you for coming.

Describe the conclusions of your reports.

How are your reports changing?

It is shifting from carbonization moving to low carbon economy and more renewables to wear one increasingly on these standards.

Consumers are worried about their bills going forward.

German -- germany is a great example.

It looks like it will go to 300 euros her year next year and potentially further.

The u.k. is moving from support of were nobles that is 2 billion pounds a year to one that can be 7.6 billion.

That increases is coming through.

The policy landscape is about customers and government responded with a new policies making a renewables more affordable.

It sounds like moving the goalposts here.

Is it good for the government to pick winners?

It is a challenge.

The good and bad examples.

Governments are adopting which will step up for investors.

Increasing competition between a globals which allow different technology at different times.

Solar and wind is getting calls comparative.

How can they move forward?

Good products and bad products?

Consumers can see really good projects.

Good value for money.

A market-based approach bringing in tenderness.

What are the implications of this?

Investors needed to get used to the new world.

They cannot understand a new risks.

Not that they cannot understand analytically, in terms of what it means for their investment alive.

Institutional investors, for example, getting comfortable with the renewal bulls.

We need a new type of investor coming in.

-- and getting comfortable with the new roble -- renewables.

A construction phase in order to get the underpinning of the risk early on.

It may not be there later on.

How do we attract the investment?

Will they get what they need?

There's a huge amount of money out of there.

How do we channel into the right place and right time for different project we are taught about?

Germany, the thermal.

You look at german prices, they are down to 30 euros per hour.

Very low levels driven by high levels of solar.

To deliver a stable system.

How is that going to be attractive?

Investors need to respond to that.

Ilesh patel, we will leave it there.

Now, more of what is coming up in the next half hour for some critics of focusing on bloomberg radio.

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What have we got for you?

The war of the words.

Making analysts is going to be joining us to talk about what is happening there.

-- a banking analyst is going to be joining us to talk about what is happening there.

We will be behind the wheel of the new tesla and they have moved the steering wheel for one side to another.

We will be talking to elon musk about that.

And the grid of charging stations.

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