Europe Has Airport Capacity Crunch: Jankovec

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Sept. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Phil Seymour, president and COO at IBA Group and Olivier Jankovec, director general of ACI Europe, discuss the future of the airline industry considering the growth called for in Airbus’ 20-year outlook and whether there are enough airports globally to handle all of the expected traffic. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

To the market.

That is doubling the size of the fleet and that comes in asia.

Happy days for boeing and airbus.

A lot of airbus in the next few years.

Boeing updated it to the 35,000. it is huge growth and 10,000 of those will replace the old aircraft.

They're all looking east.

This is for the deliveries in china the deliveries going into china -- the deliveries going into china.

It will be income for you we're talking about huge growth.

The airports are capable of handling this time of growth.

Are putting up with enough infrastructure to deal with this?

There are huge expansion plans for the industry.

In latin america, was interesting is that that goes together with a changing of how airports are managed with more privatization.

They get more money and more easy financing and future infrastructure.

The black spot is europe.

We are facing a capacity crunch and the demand is slower, in terms of growth in the future.

What worries me is that we are planning airport managers getting shorter.

And, less money being put in infrastructure.

Financing is retreating and private companies have problems financing.

We have the issue of the growth and very little government support for airport expansion in europe.

Europe is the black spot.

How big of a bottleneck is this?

They have been saying that when we look at discussions, there are issues where politicians are trying to make decisions about growth in 20 years time.

It is great for china because they do not give bond get bought -- get blog down in the process.

We can see all.

Growing and projected to grow at a strong rate anyways.

That is related to air traffic control congestion and airport congestion.

You can see the picture here in europe.

They're trying to fix that.

Are we missing out any large chunk of the growth?

If we look at what is happening, getting a new airport coming on stream and a coming out of dubai.

If i fly out of asia, guy flight and were to the united states?

How big of a risk is that?

It is part of the global shift in the economy.

That is impacting the aviation sector and the competitive position in the world.

We see new trade links being developed between world regions and, in the wake of that, more direct routes to gulping between those countries powered by more powerful hops.

Europe needs to up its game if they want to maintain competitive position as a global aviation hub.

Part of that is to deliver capacity for the future.

Your control -- 12% of the dissertation will not be done in europe by 2035 the cousin the lack of airport capacity.

12% of onset of five events -- unsatisfied demands means passengers not flying.

The challenges are significant and our worry is that governments and politicians do not grasp this.

One of the things -- one of the things coming out the numbers is that there is not that great a growth in big airplanes.

We're talking about airport capacity.

Should we be focusing on the large aircraft?

The difficulties when you're looking at something and you have 500 and 50 seats -- 550 seats.

Being rolled out.

There's a little bit of an issue with the growth figures.

This is when boeing diverges.

It makes you wonder where the market outlook is.

On what is available, rather than a real view on with the demand will be.

Production shots.

Very few orders.

Thank you very much indeed.

Thank you for joining us from the airport council there.

Thank you very much indeed.

Coming up, we'll be talking about billionaires.

The world's richest man post with the former president at a summit in new york.

Clinton tweeted a picture.

Some of the world's wealthiest people attend the conference.


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