Euronext Detaches From ICE Through $1.2B IPO

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June 20 (Bloomberg) -- Euronext NV, the European stock exchange operator with roots in the 17th century, was untethered from Intercontinental Exchange Inc. through an 845 million euro ($1.2 billion) initial public offering. Jonathan Ferro reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


It sold 42 million shares for $20 each.

Joining us for a look at the european ipo activity so far this year -- things are picking up.

If you look at the first quarter this year for european ipo's the best quarter since 2007, you can add the previous four years in this first quarter has beaten expectations.

The second quarter has continued to be better.

It points toward increased to miss him -- optimism misplaced or otherwise more and more companies are coming to market.

Who are the big winners so far?

Private equity firms have been sitting on their hands for seven years waiting to jump and are popping champagne.

Banks are working on the offerings i think of the exchanges.

The london stock exchange's number two has been euronext.

What about them?

They are priced at the bottom of the range so what were those concerns?

I haven't been here for a month and all i hear is that european equities and ecb have no purchase programs and activity will pick up.

I talked to a traitor this morning -- i talked to a traitor this morning and he said eu ronext will go up.

You can push down volumes more so the outlook for an exchange like that, even optimism picks up.

Not necessarily volumes area the outlook is optimistic but the reality right now does not match up.

Thank you so much.

There are a few things a crafty chinese entrepreneur was able to salvage from a junkyard.

If there was ever a cotton city for china, it would be shanghai with this futuristic skyline.

It's missing a caped crusader or is it?

We rest when the bat-like mobile was spotted.

We would never have guessed what

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