EU Targets 2014 for Unified Energy Market

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Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Rachel Morison reports on the EU linking the energy market across the Euro zone. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Energy market of 70 billion euros a year.

Sounds like a big project.

Proving to be a little bit of a hurdle.

Richard morrison joins us now.

It is a story that you can see the logic to but as with everything with the eu, and from -- and limitation is tougher.

The deadline is the end of 2014. that is not looking too likely.

We have a project starting in november that links 18 countries.

That is already being delayed for a year.

That deadline is not assured.

One of the main obstacles to this is national energy policy.

The eu has a target of 20% in renewables and each country has its own way of getting to that target.

You have germany adding renewables at a quick pace and you have friends -- france doing different things with capacity mechanisms.

All of these different targets and policies make energy markets a bit more disjointed which is the opposite of what europe is trying to do.

Because it is such a national thing, paris is so critical.

You can understand that there will be huge differences.

Talk about the advantages of making this work.

One of the biggest is power saving for consumers and producers.

As you mentioned, the european commission says that 70 billion euros could be saved each year from gas and power markets.

That is significant especially when we have bills going up and up in all european countries.

Thank you very much indeed.

Rachel morrison.


Thank you so much.

We are speaking about the opening of ian london hotel earlier.

Here now to discuss marriott's overall brand strategy, we are joined by arne sorenson, the president and ceo of marriott international.

Great to have you on the program.

Talk to me a little bit about this collaboration.

It is a big deal for marriott.

Is it just branding?

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