EU Leaders Weigh Options on Adding Russia Sanctions

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Ryan Chilcote reports on a meeting of European Union leaders as they contemplate their options for imposing further sanctions against Russia and updates the latest on the search for answers in the downing of flight MH17. He speaks on “In the Loop.”

With these rising tensions, i am joined on the phone with ryan.

What sanctions against russia are on the table?

Are we going to look at specific sector sanctions?

Class of of like a sliding scale of options and sanctions.

They could do nothing.

One foreign minister warned them gave them several days, and if they do not do anything, -- they actually have the go-ahead to do that and they agreed on it last week.

It means they would boost forward to publishing of the names going forward.

No one would be allowed to sell weapons to russia.

Finally, they could announce sanctions.

How much of russia passes military is sanctioned on the west?

At least one helicopter ship will be sold to russia.

They're not really dependent on the european union.

This is an issue down to france and warships.

The french already got one.

The russians already paid for it.

There is one more they have not completed building.

They do agree on the weapons ban, then he will forgo that.

That is something he does not like to do, but better for sanctions, which a lot of them do not want.

The italian, the austrians, because they're worried about hurting their economies, those are the real struggles inside the european union right now.

What is the latest for the ukraine?

On the service, it seems the west got everything it wanted.

And the body is being sent back to the netherlands.

Most of the bodies are on their way home.

They will be getting back six days after.

Then again, russia created the

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