ETFs to Crash the Communist Party

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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Eric Balchunas looks at how to play China with ETFs. He speaks with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Shares which in theory only chinese national standby.

Eric balchunas joins us to explain.

Last week was a name changing etf was launched.

The first ever to divide.

Exposure to china a shares.

This has been limited to qualified purchasers.

These make up two thirds of china's market cap and only have one percent foreign ownership.

This is an untapped area.

The only problem, one percent is expense ratio.

They have not really outperformed.

They have underperformed the other types of shares that are available to westerners.

A lot of tech companies which have been red hot, they are not listing in china.

They are listing out of china.

Because they wanted access to foreign capital.

The way to play china is to go with the a share etf and go with the spider s&p china.

This tracks every type of careshare.

If you combine these, you have the opportunity to own everything.

Now, you are truly playing china.

Let's talk about playing twitter.

It is into etf's. the first, the global x social media etf which is a 4.5% waiting.

It has been red hot all year.

It has all of the social media companies.

Twitter is now in there.

Now, facebook.

Another way to do play twitter and etf is the renaissance etf.

This is a company that specializes in this.

Twitter is a 2.5%. year to date, the ipo etf is only up two .2%. it is brand-new.

Year to date is misleading.

It is only been around for a few weeks.

If you are not into this whole twitter frenzy and you don't want twitter, i would go with anything that is a s&p index.

It will probably not have twitter for a year and a half or two years.

It doesn't even have facebook yet.

Stay with the s&p lines and you'll get more of the classic companies like microsoft and apple.

Our favorite part of the etf, twitter of the week.

If you have not heard of this, it actually wrong the nasdaq opening bell.

-- it actually rand the nasdaq opening bell.

If you like robotics, household chores and also robots that do things like agriculture, they help the military.

This covers it.

The only thing i don't like about it is that it is 90 five basis points.

It is something that checks a futuristic theme has an archaic

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