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July 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Eric Balchunas discusses Facebook ETFs on Bloomberg Television's Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Facebook shares up 28% since earnings came out on wednesday.

So let's ride that wave of success.

Joining me now is bloomberg's e.t.f. analyst.

And presumably here, it's the beginning of a comeback.

Not necessarily, you know, a one-day pop from the earnings.

How do you play that through the e.t.f. market?

Believe it or not, there are now 80 e.t.f.'s have that facebook exposure.

A couple of months ago it was almost like two or three.

There's a lot of options.

If you want a lot of facebook punch in your e.t.f., one of those is the power shares nasdaq internet portfolio.

This has a -- facebook has a 10% waiting in this one and internet stocks have been doing well overall.

This thing's up 30% year to date.

It's outpacing a lot of the market, including the tech e.t.f. by a good margin.

So there's that one.

If you want to go more -- by that way, that ticker -- they obviously needed a marketing guy to come in and help with that.


What do you make of that?

I have no idea.

All right, well, moving on.

What's another with an easier ticker?

How about socl which is the global social media.

This has been dubbed the facebook e.t.f. it's the fourth largest waiting.

This has given you social media stocks not only in the u.s. but also abroad as well.

This one also incidentally is the e.t.f. with the most exposure to pan dora which is up 100%. it hasn't hit, though.

It's $10 million in assets and doesn't trade a ton but it has a liquid portfolio.

Another wild card option here, and this is interesting, the market vecter's important star wide mote e.t.f. this is based on that warren buffett philosophy.

Morning star determines what stocks go.

There's only 20. so facebook is the top holding in this out of nowhere.

Because they have -- explain what you mean by mote.

These are exetive advantages.

What they deem here is that -- competitive advantages.

What they deem here is they call it the network effect.

Facebook has 1.1 billion users and that's off the charts.

That is would be the third largest country in the world.


You have a lot of users, plus they saw it as being cheap a month ago, because it was trading pretty low.

You add up that and you have a wide moat that ends up being the top waiting and i give them credit because they put it in here in june and they were a precursor to the actual earnings that we saw.

Interesting sort of alternative way to play moat.

This e.t.f. is a rising star.

It's $250 million, it's doubled this year.

Talking about comebacks, i want to talk about the emerging markets comeback.

People getting back in there, willing to take on more risk.

I imagine people are still quite squared -- scared but if you look at emetf, they've lost 10ds billion to date, but not all of them have lost money.

Some that have gained money and tread watter this year, one of those is the i shares msci, emerging markets minimum volatility.

Low-vol isn't working great in the u.s. but over there it's working great.

This one's actually -- has brought in the most money, $1.2 billion.

It's low-vol and it performs better.

The other one i like is the egshares consumer market e.t.f. all the stocks in the e.t.f. here, 90% of their revenue comes from emerging markets.

It's not dependent on the developed world and this is something that could work out in the future if you want to play that.

The third one, i got from a very interesting blog called insight and action, yes, i did, and it's the ishares south korea e.t.f. this one's having a pretty bad year.

It's down 10% year to date but it's up 11% in july and as adam described on his blog, this has -- it's got great valuations, high earnings growth and if you look at the numbers there, a nice surge, it just crossed a 60-day moving average.

Did we mention that adam has a blog?

Have we said that?

Insight and action.

Yeah,, just in case you were wondering.

I might have a tit twitter handle.

While we're at it.

Let's get to the final one here.

I like this.

We've got a little yin and yang for people when it comes to china.


This is this week's ticker of the week.

Yin is the direction three times bold china an yang is the three times -- bull china and the yang is the three times bear.

These are for traders who want to hedge their bet.

The reason i picked in this week is because yinn is up 50% in the past month and this is looking at all the secters in china.

It's not less inly three times s.x.i. but again, with all leverage products, they receipt set every day so know that you're only getting three times once a day, not necessarily over the median and long-term.

A lev dnds leveraged e.t.f.'s can be tricky as well.

They can especially when they really get out all out of whack when there's volatility.

When there's volt tilt, forget about it -- volatility, forget about it.

Because the compounding adds up and cuts the other way when it goes back down or up.

They reset every day.

That's why they put daily in the name of the e.t.f. so even they want to you know these are for daily use.

All right.

Thank you so much.

Our friday e.t.f. fix.

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