Estee Lauder Family Welcomes Two New Billionaires

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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Devon Pendeleton reports that the granddaughters of Estee Lauder have joined the ranks of the billionaire set and looks at others who rank among the world’s richest females. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Of the lauder family.

Their father is still involved in the business.

Their uncle is probably the best known lauder.

He is were -- he is the 123rd richest person in the world.

The company is on the front foot.

This is the company everyone wants to be a part of.

They are doing really well.

Estee lauder has been dealing especially well.

Up 23% this year.

23% is good.

It is better than its closest rival which is up 20%. how does the family control its influence over this business?

They have a series of trusts.

There is a series of complex trusts which are owned by the family.

They are beneficially owned by family members.

They are in their early 40's, aren't they?


Who are their nearest peers?

What does the world look like around them?

There are not a lot of female billionaires that are quite this young.

The closest who we are tracking would be laureen powell's jobs -- laureen powell jobs.

You also have sondra marion -- mara.

Thank you.

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Italy is saying goodbye to biofuels.

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