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March 21 (Bloomberg) -- Cristina Alesci reports on entertainment company deals on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Into the online video market.

Cristina alesci has more on recent activity and what might be next.

Entertainment companies on the hunt -- what are they after?

They are looking for exposure to online networks and, also, the growing international markets, and that is because there core business in the u.s. is pretty much flat.

They are into original content, programming, but they have to look elsewhere.

Disney, there are reports they are looking at buying a youtube content creator, which would be a forward-thinking deal.

Dreamworks bought a youtube channel last year that really targets teens.

It was a $33 million deal, smaller deals, but very sexy and important.

Do these large -- these large companies know how to create content already.

Why are they spending $33 million on a youtube station?

They know how to create content for traditional television, but there is an emerging audience online that is engaged in creating online video is different.

You have potential growth in europe, and if you look at the networks that breakout domestic versus international revenue growth, you will see a stark difference in the growth trajectory of that revenue stream with international far outpacing domestic growth.

That is because more and more people in europe are signing up for television.

That is why you saw amc buy liberty global's content unit, because it is hoping to transport hits like "breaking bad" and "mad men" to the european market.

Should we anticipate we will see more of these small mergers in the content space?

Small and big.

Another part of the industry heating up his local broadcast tv.

There was a deal announced between media general and lin media, and all of this has to do with the fact that local broadcasters want more leverage for retransmission fees, more leverage with advertisers -- you will see more in the space.

Sort of the old school media.


When you talk about the larger entertainment sphere, you're looking at targets like starz, lions gate, mgm -- all discussed as potential targets.


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