Enterprise Cloud Is Microsoft‘s Future: McIlwain

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March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Matt McIlwain, managing director at Madrona Venture Group, examines the state of Microsoft and comments from former CEO Steve Ballmer to students at Oxford Union on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”


You are right there alongside microsoft.

You do know the new ceo quite well.

Starting with what bloomberg news is reporting.

Amazing details over the past few months.

They beat us having the easiest time getting the board to sign off initially on the nokia deal.

What do you think about that?

$7 billion is a big deal.

In this case, the additional question of is microsoft needing to own handsets in order to win in the mobile business?

No doubt they have to have a winning strategy and mobile, but i think it is a legitimate question.

Going back to what steve ballmer has said, he did talk about tech companies in terms of the tricks.

Microsoft had a couple of tricks, but apple also had a couple of tricks.

Listen to it steve ballmer had to say.

A lot of those misses are forced to do a second trick or you die.

If you do not do your second trick, then you should do every trick, but really, the history in businesses, most people do one trick and run with it as long as it works and then fade out.

We were fortunate.

How do you take microprocessors and push them in and do the back end automation of businesses.

I think steve is understating the number of tricks microsoft had.

I think the tricky is referring to is the second one is the third one, the ability to win in the enterprise.

They have now hoped a $20 billion server and tools business over the past 15 years over his watch.

It sets them up for a world of tricks.

You have to keep knowing.

Where are we going with the future from the shift to pc to mobile?

Clearly he wanted to make any new ceo felt was the right thing to be doing.

Also talked about the suggestion for any incoming ceo along the process.

I think it is hard for technologies companies to be successful if they are not ambitious.

The one thing that i talked to everyone about was how ambitious they were for microsoft.


I love it.

This is where i think he is the right choice.

Very customer centric.

What are some of the ambitious move he could take?

Probably not going to take huge ambitious moves initially but look for things whether or not we see office coming out as a touch-based solution for android devices.

Or, does microsoft try to push into being the shepherd for the journey to the cloud for big enterprises, including how they run things on amazon web services.

Think about how many microsoft operating services are already on amazon web services being run , and on top of that, if they can help the enterprise, it is an interesting place to be.

Look at those ambitious place, maybe they do not see as ambitious as piety and $8 billion company, those are areas he should focus on.

That is something that happened before he got there.

Going back to repine -- behind the scenes of what was happening, you got the sense he was not necessarily convinced that that was the right way to go.

Obviously he is now on board with that.

As a ceo, how do you get something behind something you initially were not sure about?

I think you have to keep asking the market, where did we get this right, and where do we need to go from here?

Now that they own the nokia asset, how do they move or word?

-- foward?

About 20 seconds left.

In terms of the management changes we will see under satya nadella, how much more change do you anticipate?

I think we have seen very logical changes.

Tony bates was the logical choice.

Not likely to stay.

I think the interesting question will be, are there people brought in externally to complement the leadership team and when did he make the leadership move?

Managing director of madrona venture group.

Later today the israeli prime

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