Energizing the U.K. With Mini Rooftop Solar Farms

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Nov. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Gerry McGowan, executive chairman & managing director at CBD Energy, talks with Guy Johnson about the growing demand for solar energy in the United Kingdom and his company’s plan to install mini solar farms on top of buildings. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

The cash.

You go to small business and say you have a flat roof, it points in the direction -- the right direction, let us put solar panels on your roof, and we will let you buy cheap energy.

In these days with increasing energy bills that are spiraling out of kilter with cpi, we find small businesses cannot pass those costs on.

This is a way for them to secure their energy bill for the next 20 years.

Have a locked in for 20 years?

They locked in for 20 years.

They have a fixed price.

It goes off with -- it goes up with cpi, but that is manageable.

Talk about what you expect demand to look like.

We have had a good experience so far.

Investors get 6.5%. they get their money back after three years.

Interest is paid quarterly.

Government bond yields are very low.

When they start to rise, do you think that will affect demand for your product?

It may in the future.

We are seeing good interest in the bond and we have high expectations for her.

Do you expect solar bonds are going to -- allowing them to get a reading in the way that maybe other products would not be able to.

Do see this as being a model that is going to expand and be scalable?

We do.

Renewable energy is an energy system for the 21st century.

It is predictable in its output, it is low maintenance, and it is sitting passively on someone's roof.

How much roof space is there in the u.k. that could be converted?

Every industrial space, anyone who has a rooftop can have solar and create free energy for themselves.

Is there a limit -- when you're putting the solar cells in, these are low-density buildings, you can put them up fairly easily?

It is encouraged by government.

It does not have the eyesore potential that a wind farm has.

It can be anywhere.

We look forward to hear more -- to hearing more about it.

Rinsing, what is going to happen in the next hour.

-- francine, what is going to happen in the next hour?

This is what we will be talking about.

Twitter -- the company sets its ipo price today.

Will it price above the increased offer range?

That discussion and plenty of analysis is coming up.

Iceland's wow air to bring more u.s. routes in range.

Why do they care about u.s. flights?

That is coming up blamed her -- later in the show.

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