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May 30 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “Insight & Action,” Bloomberg Television’s “Money Clip” Host Adam Johnson looks at energy companies that have high growth anf low valuations. (Source: Bloomberg)

Energy has the highest growth of the lowest valuation.

The portfolio on insight and action.

The 10 sectors of the s&p 500, the former attorneys -- the forward earnings estimates, energy is indicating growth of 15.5%. that's the highest of all 10 groups of the s&p 500. it has the lowest valuation, looking at the forward price ratios.

Energy trading at 14.3 times.

The cheapest, not by a lot.

They are pretty tight, but energy is the cheapest.

We decided to drill down and look for the companies within the energy and ask that have the highest growth and lowest valuation.

Growth of at least 18%, that is three times the market.

Meanwhile, they are trading relatively cheap, cheaper than the market.

Here you go.

Baker hughes, chesapeake, marathon, phillips 66, valera's. highest growth, lowest valuation.

I posted the takers on my twitter handle.

Eight of them, we are just trying to make a little bit of money here.

Portfolio manager matthew was "in the loop" this morning and

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