End of an Era: Derek Jeter Gets All-Star Sendoff

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July 16 (Bloomberg) –- Odgers Berndt Partner and Former Oakland Athletics Executive Vice President Andy Dolich discusses the legacy of the New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter and how MLB will fill the void he leaves. He speaks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The greatest yankee in history.

Joining me to discuss how they will fill his void in major league baseball is any doleful some i should note that andy was with the yankees when they made three consecutive world appearances.

The nba really slumped post-jordan.

Do you think major league baseball will suffer the same kind of slump post-jeter?

No, because we thought at the all-star game last night, a kind of handing off of the mantle of character.

You cannot put a dollar figure on it.

It was the perfect cooperstown ending.

He's getting to say goodbye throughout major league baseball.

He played great in the all-star game.

Hopefully, the yankees can get to the world series.

How unbelievable would that be?

And when you are a one team superstar in new york city, it cannot be any better than that.

Spike lee's new nike commercial ford jeter focuses -- four derek jeter focuses on how respected he is.

That is a lot of clout to have.

What is next?

The oakland a's are major league baseball's leading team on the record.

Supposedly last night in the dugout, one of the a's asked him -- asked williams what he was going to do and he sent them i cannot wait to grow a beard and not have anyone recognize me.

If i'm nike, i'm going to give a free tip of the cap to his final game.

I don't know what they have planned, but i'm also going to look for something -- and i thank you very much.

That is the oakland a's vice

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