Emerging Markets Are Like Pick & Mix: Hungerford

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Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Nutmeg CEO Nick Hungerford discusses emerging markets and fed tapering with Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

Thank you for coming to talk to us.

-- he helps people to manage their investments online.

Let us talk about what you have been interested in.

You said emerging markets are like a pick and mix.

Suggesting you have to make your choices carefully.

You might end up with some of the strange things.

Left about the ones you like.

The key to emerging markets is choosing the right countries.

It becomes much more specific looking at the countries which have deficit.

That is the real key.

We are going further than the traditional emerging markets.

Working with countries like poland aware you see shrinking bank deleveraging, good prospects within the european union.

Not so much of the companies which are the bets.

The brazil, india, turkey , south africa.

Political instability as well as the currency worries are concerned.

Is that big issue for you, a lyrical rather than the economy is structured -- political rather than the economy is structured?

I think it is a big worry.

You have to be quite specific with these countries.

Most of the global concerns that we see affecting markets around that tapering at who is going to be the next president of syria.

That doesn't build into a geopolitical story which is more than economics.

The job reports from friday lower than expected stop your jobs created in the u.s. economy than analysts -- than expected.

Let's adjust greater the u.s. economy than analysts estimated.

That has indication for the emerging markets.

We still think it will happen next month.

, not this month -- , not this month -- next month, not this month?

We think it will be 20 billion, more than most people expect.

The mortgage share bonds.

We are focusing a bit more on aggressive tapering.

There are people who are concerned about the purchases.

That is interesting.

Absorbed a final -- famous economist last week.

He got it will be a small amount of tapering, a cutback.

Actually give a dovish statement, a downbeat statement on the state of the u.s. economy.

You have a different take.

They will sugarcoat it.

I think the more aggressive the bunt cutback, the more aggressive tapering will be followed by a sugarcoating statement that interest rates will remain low.

Do not worry.

I do think the fed is out there to make a mark and we will have a strong statement before bernanke's last handover.

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