Emerging Market Slowdown Has Just Begun: Bhansali

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Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “Global Outlook,” Rupal Bhansali, international equities CIO at Ariel Investments, examines why this is not the time to enter emerging markets and looks at the overseas performance of individual stocks. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Considering all we have heard about our emerging markets not doing well.

They have been down, underperforming.

You have avoided emerging markets.

Tommy more about that strategy.

The slowdown has just begun.

It will have confused the drivers of emerging markets.

It is not consumers in an demographic markets.

It is led by the commodity boom.

There will be a commodity and credit bust in the markets.

I think many who think that this is a good time to reenter the market after this correction, they will be burned.

Emerging markets have had a long run for the last decade.

Both currencies and equity markets have performed and both are likely to underperform, hurting dollar returns.

You are looking at companies that present a lot of growth and value, and they are more in developed countries.

You like roche, glaxosmithkline.

Tell me what are the themes for these companies.

We are bottom-up stock pickers, so they are quite uncorrelated with each other.

That is how i like to construct a portfolio.

The pieces behind glaxo is a global one.

One of the drivers of their there appeared a category is rest tory -- respiratory diseases.

Everything that has to do with the lungs, they have expertise.

If you look at emerging markets, from china to mexico, there is a great deal of pollution and that is creating a greater incidence of asthma.

They are playing that in emerging architecture.

In the 1970s and 1980s, when a lot of people smoke, you saw the same kind of development.

These are companies that are intent times earnings, six six percent dividend the yields.

You also invest in u.s. companies.

Why do you like microsoft versus apple?

I have this truism in investing.

All good things come to an end, and all bad things come to an end as well.

Microsoft has been struggling for the past 10 years of the valuation.

We think there is an inflection point here where the multiple can go up because better times are ahead.

On the other hand, with apple, it will go down.

Thank you so much.

Olivia sterns is with me for the triple play.

Let's start with the royal mail ipo.

This is the biggest privatization in the uk's since the privatization of british rail.

According to two familiar, the ipo has been significantly oversubscribed and many institutional investor that applied to not get any allotment.

Conditional trading is set to begin october 11. and a new $100 bill.

Yes, despite the shutdown, they have been able to unveil the new $100 bill.

There are new security features, color shifting ink, and a new security ribbon.

And the premiere of our new show "c-suite."

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