Over 1,000 Russian Troops in Ukraine: NATO

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Aug. 29 (Bloomberg) – Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols reports on Ukraine accuses Russia of invasion and an emergency meeting is summoned at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization headquarters. He speaks with Tom Keene, Scarlet Fu and Brendan Greeley on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Hans nichols is in berlin, ms.

Merkel is front and center.

What will chancellor angela merkel say to mr.

Putin in the next conversation?

She will ask for clarity.

Merkel, at the beginning, she was a translator and an interlocutor.

Now she's become a critic of putin.

The question is, does that undermine her ability to broker some sort of diplomatic solution?

That might be a moot point.

When you look at southeastern ukraine, diplomacy seems a far way off.

There is going to be a lot more fighting before there is any resolution.

In the last 24 hours, more headlines about nato.

Does nato have any power here?

What nato can do, nato can assure other allies along russia's western front.

You can move troops into estonia and into poland.

Their will because for that.

They have some and and emergency meeting at nato headquarters.

There's an eu foreign ministers meeting taking place right now in brussels.

Tomorrow, all the eu leaders get together in brussels and calibrate their response.

There are likely to be new sanctions.

But will these stepped-up sanctions or will they be adding a few names to list?

From reading the german papers and being in touch with folks here, it seems that no one is talking about massively escalating sanctions on russia and the coming days but there is likely going to be an incremental change.

Important context.

We're showing pictures, nato images.

There's some dispute over whether those images are authentic for stop sergei lavrov, foreign minister of russia, said they came from a videogame.

Some diplomacy will be going on.

I was in minsk earlier in the week.

When nato releases satellite images and then the second or third most powerful man in russia says they come from a computer game, no one is speaking the same language and we are a ways off from a diplomatic solution.

Henry kissinger said the problem with europe is he does not know who to call if she has a problem.

With the ever shifting constellation of who is in charge, who do we call in europe about this?

Kissinger has a great point.

Right now, you call rome, italy has the six-month rotating presidency of the eu.

And then you call berlin to talk to angela merkel.

Steinmeier, the foreign minister of germany, is trying to play a role.

Diplomacy is only a valid option as both sides want to stop fighting.

What we have seen in the last 24 hours, the rebels want to continue fighting and ukraine wants to continue fighting.

The pharmacy seems somewhat moot.

-- diplomacy seems somewhat moot.

Hans nichols in berlin.

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