Elon Musk Is Weird, But He’s Awesome: Hardigree

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) –- Jalopnik.com Editor-In-Chief Matt Hardigree plays some word association with Scarlet Fu and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Especially to segue.

A really embarrassing way to die.

The ceo of the segway company died falling off a cliff.

These things never took off.

Maybe you are just getting let off.

I have been to dean kamen's house and he is the original iron man before elon musk.

An amazing dude.

Elon musk, word association.


I talked to him.

We were quoting him in an article because he said something that was like, his sales guy went to detroit and said, we will not build a truck and where did you get a crazy idea what that?

The crazy idea was elon musk.

I e-mailed him and said, this came from you.

He said, i just say crazy stuff sometimes.

Elon musk is known for just saying random things and everyone it is company said, what?

That is also what makes him awesome.

Do not let him know and do not tell everyone, but he is cool.

I like random and insane things every once in a while.

Bob says crazy things all the time.

He called global warming a crock of something in french of -- in front of a bunch of reporters.

In the middle of snow me get in, we might tend to believe him a little bit.

We now have jim farley who occasionally says crazy things.

He sometimes gets in trouble for that.

He says you can track everything in your car and he says, we do not.

I have to -- a word association that has to do with breaking news we cover this morning.

It is fun to ask especially millennial's. bing.

I have seen commercials for that.

I think it is a search engine but i do not know.

I use google like formal people.

Sometimes, you bing google to get to google.

How about footie e trying too hard.

The new microsoft ceo shown in his hoodie with his glasses, it will not work.

Be yourself.

Everyone does not need their own thing.

I have a word for matt miller.


Valentine's day is my reply.

I am very excited.

Qwest connect the dots.

On valentine's day, i will go with one of my producers and steven craig, one of our favorite cameramen, and rent snowmobiles upstate new york and drive around, five hundred horsepower snowmobiles.

He is a handsome man.

It will be a very nice day.

Sounds like a great valentine's day.

It will be the three of us here at same love.

[laughter] rick perry?


Fellow texan, but, i worked on a google campaign against rick perry and he beat us and he is smarter than you think.

He is a tough debater.

He is gone.

It will either be greg abbott or whitney davis.

The highest spending -- we would say wendy davis next.

Let me throw out one that is more important if you are from texas.

Matthew mcconaughey.

The second most handsome match to ever go to the university of texas.

He is great.

I heard the new show he is doing on hbo is fantastic.

He was in a movie, "mud" which is amazing.

I highly recommend you check it out.

He is under consideration for best actor and he won at golden globes.

Can we do so she?


I will do so cheap.

Do not flush put paper.

There is a picture in the media room.

The toilets are apparently not working and it is a disaster.

I love disasters.

That is why you are a journalist.

Our thanks to matt, editor- in-chief.

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