Ellison, Immelt and Musk Play `Let’s Make a Deal’

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June 18 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Television's “Money Clip” Host Adam Johnson guides us through the latest in major deals. (Source: Bloomberg)

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I am adam johnson.

In company, the holy trinity of dealmaking.

Larry ellison and elon musk have been very busy wheeling and dealing.

The ceo of general electric has been locked in a bidding war with siemens over the assets of a german energy giant.

Siemens partnered with mitsubishi and hitachi.

The ceo says he will be presenting additional details of their offer for alstom.

He will be meeting with officials on june 19 and 20th.

He will be meeting with the union members as well.

Let's go through these proposals on the table.

You have ge offering $17 billion for alstom's energy division.

They guaranteed creating a thousand industrial jobs in france.

You have siemens and mitsubishi echoing that pledge.

They will also offer money for part of the facility.

10 quarters of sluggish sales growth.

Oracle was late to the market for cloud-based software.

They are buying gear and programs to underpin the client shift to cloud-based computing.

A possible answer could be microsoft -- micros systems.

Oracle is in exclusive talks to buy micros for $5 billion.

Micros was not one of the top candidates to be bought by oracle.

Oracle has had trouble getting into the cloud services business.

Some people thought maybe they would take the leap and buy a cloud-based company.

Micros basically makes software for hotels and very us types of retailers.

Oracle owns several companies like this already.

They are moving further into this business.

The other thing, you look at micros, a lot of people own the stock short.

People were betting against micros.

The stock rose almost 22%. what is the goal here for larry ellison?

10 quarters of sluggish sales growth for oracle.

Is this something that he had in the back of his mind to turn this around?

I was talking to someone who told me that larry ellison almost bought micros six years ago.

The chairman flew cross-country to sign the deal and from what he told me, larry basically left him at the altar.

Now, here we are, six years later.

Oracle has to do something.

I haven't done a big deal in a long time.

This will be $5 billion.

If it goes through, this will be the largest deal they have done since sun microsystems.

Finally got solarcity.

It is moving into manufacturing, they are acquiring a california-based company that make solar cells.

Lyndon rive's spoke to pimm fox about the deal.

We want to further integrate of the company and provide actual panel manufacturing.

The key thing about panel manufacturing is that you have to get technology to scale to be cost competitive.

The technology we chose as high efficiency at a low cost.

The high efficiency at a low cost, eventually it will be able to install solar at a lower cost than fossil fuel without any incentives.

Have you spoken to elon musk about this?

What is his role in guiding the strategy of the company?

Absolutely, he was very involved in this decision.

It turns out it's simple math.

If you believe that at some point we have to get off of fossil fuels.

You go, we cannot keep on burning fossil fuels.

What are the steps to that need to happen to get off of fossil fuels?

If you assume the goal is 40% by 2040, or 2050, whatever number you want to put in place, then you work backwards.

What is needed to achieve that and what is the cost target needed to achieve that?

In order to achieve that number, we would have to deploy 400 gigawatts a year starting now.

So, we would be significantly behind.

The only reason we are not at that capacity is because there is a cost goal that we need to meet.

As you ramp up manufacturing, he you cross that cost curve.

Once you cross that curve, the

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