Electronic Arts Revenue Declines

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Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Alix Steel, Trish Regan, Adam Johnson, and Cory Johnson discuss the decline of revenue for Electronic Arts video games on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Pretty ugly in terms of revenue for this quarter.

1.5 7 billion was a mess and it guided lower in terms of revenue in guided lower for the full year.

Now expecting only $3.9 billion in revenue for the full year 2014 basically blaming weakness in current stock.

Overall, sales are shrinking because there are not as many games available for the console.

Also, sales were light for the third quarter because some people literally spent less on games.

In terms of earnings, we talk about the differential and earnings were a beat for the third quarter, end line, and will be up for the full year.

If you look underneath it, sales will be an issue.

That's a big deal sort of.

This is a corridor you might expect a talk about weakness because there was the launch of a very big change in the business with the launch of the new playstation.

They were not buying games ahead of it.

That takes some time.

That said tom a the ceo change that took place last year, not doing as well.

And the retail environment overall is clearly a challenge.

We have seen weakness in terms of what the consumer was in taking and consuming in the last quarter of last year consistently from many different companies across the tech space.

We will see if they come in with a different result.

That could make a big difference.

They have a lot of soccer games.

We have the world cup coming.

Titan fall is coming out.

They are looking for that to be a catalyst.

I have no idea what it is but evidently it's going to be cool.

Where's matt miller when you need him?

I have the xbox one now.

What did you pay for that?

Like $499? i'm keeping with the wii u. the quality of the games and what they have to spend to make these games, they have gone to fewer titles because it is such a huge production.

And they have to do it every year.

But the revenues are bigger than any other movie.

But not this corridor and not for the outlook or electronic arts.

Talk about a company trying to redefine itself, abercrombie

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