Big Year for Electric Cars... Not Just for Tesla

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Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Miller reports on increasing competition between electric car-makers. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

-- bloomberg correspondent matt miller speaking to carmakers about the growing electric market.

They are all trying to take on tesla.

It is tesla that you think about, but it has been a big year for electric carmakers all over the place as they gain in popularity.

Volkswagen is making a push to get into the market with its first all-electric car.

I asked the ceo of the vw america's business how much the market is looking for a battery- powered vehicle.

At 2018, we think three percent of all vehicles will be electric vehicles.

It is important that they have both regular, gasoline, internal combustion, alternative proposal -- a portion like diesel, and hydrogen, and pure electric.

Volkswagen is not banking too much on electric cars just yet, still keeping it focused on internal combustion engines.

One company that is all in on the electric market, tesla.

There is a lot of scrutiny there, and you have heard elon musk say they will make a software change so the car does not ride solo.

What is the latest?

There have been other changes other companies have made.

At chevrolet, the volt had issues at one point, although it was not with drivers.

It was only in testing.

I got a chance to speak to the president of gm about the safety of the volt and the other electric car, the elr.

We have not had fires.

We have not had any incidents.

We protect the battery and me run the battery up to the center of the car.

Probably the most exciting development was the little truck you saw just over mark rice -- royce's right shoulder, it is a midsize truck, and it is been a long time -- it has been a longtime since americans have brought out a midsize truck because the japanese basically owned that market.

It is the real world thing that you can drive that everyone is talking about at the l.a. autoshow.

Matt miller, thank you.

Electric cars show innovation, and our next guest says that should be the focus of janet yellen as opposed to talking about inflation.

In a bloomberg view piece coming out today, and conard, a former partner at bain topical -- bain capital has been addressing this.

You say janet yellen should not

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