El-Erian: My Daughter Motivated Me to Leave Pimco

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April 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg View Columnist and Former Pimco Co-CEO Mohamed El-Erian discusses his career at Pimco on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I am really looking forward to looking through the lens of the central banks.

You just mentioned about your 14 year career at pimco.

Many people you became friends with and worked with and above all, bill gross.

Has bill gross reached out to you since then?

I will not comment on my private interactions.

I go back to a very simple issue.

I was privileged to work there.

I had a great time.

A lot of friendship would grow over time.

I am really expecting this to go to success.

How critical was this to come to this decision?

It was hard.

When your daughter comes to you as mine did almost a year ago, with a list of 22 things, you realize there are special moments in your children's life.

Every parent knows it.

I was missing too many of these special moments.

It is that simple.

22 specific events that were important to her that i missed, she wrote down.

A realization that the time had

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