El-Erian Gets His Hands on the New $100 Bill

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Oct 8. (Bloomberg) -- The Federal Reserve begins circulating a brand new hundred-dollar bill today. Bloomberg's "Surveillance" team discusses what's new and different about the redesigned note, using guest host Mohammed El-Erian's crisp new bill.


News today.

The federal reserve and around the world will begin circulating the new $100 bill today.

There is a lot to be excited about.

The latest c-note has a lot of high tech features on it.

Meant to thwart counterfeiters.

Here is the new $100 bill.

Here is the old one, courtesy of common el-erian, who just pulled it out of his wallet.

You can see there is a blue 3-d security you written, and the disappearing liberty bell in the inkwell.

And the texture here is thicker.

It is thicker, more colorful, and here is the other side of it.

It took a decade to develop this new $100 bill.

It is not affected by the shutdown because there panting it.

A big criticism of u.s. currency is that people cannot figure out which current see they are taking out of their wallet.

That is what we do.

Ben franklin sort of looks like bill gross after the bond market has a tough week.

Seriously, it raises an interesting question about the credibility of the u.s. dollar as the reserve currency, as we witnessed the eighth day of the shutdown barreling into the u.s. debt ceiling.

Is that crassus -- is that precious credibility at risk?

It is a little bit at risk, but always rumor -- always remember you cannot replace something with nothing.

You should not take too long.

Speaking of replacing something with something else, david letterman weighed in on the new $100 bill last night on his show.

The new $100 bill is different.

First of all, it is only worth $10. [laughter] and people are upset.

The money, financial jurists are upset.

Ben franklin is been replaced by ben affleck.

[laughter] i mean, how would that happen?

Here you can see ben affleck, batman, and there is ben affleck on the side.

What is to the right side?

They did a very good job.

There is a watermark of ben franklin, too.

This is a quill.

You have to hold it up to the light.

It is really something.

Have you noticed how quickly people have gotten accustomed to the picture being off-center?

I don't think this is really legit, is it?

You produced it.

There it is.

No big deal, playing with hundreds here.

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