Einhorn: We Are In a Tech Bubble

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April 22 (Bloomberg) -- Emily Chang reports on today’s top news headlines on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

A top hedge fund manager says there's a clear consensus we are in a tech bubble.

David einhorn says companies he is betting against may fall at least 90% if and when the market applies traditional about uh and -- traditional valuation.

There was are pretending i'm intention paid in equity is an expense because it is non-cash.

At&t's profit dropped slightly in the fourth quarter.

The company added six under 25,000 monthly subscribers, up from 296,000 from a year ago.

The next program which allows customers to pay on phones rather than having a contract.

Amazon is apparently taking a sales hit.

Researchers at ohio state says household of cut their amazon spending by it -- by about 10%. amazon sales of items over $300 have fallen by 24%. now, u.s. supreme court will be

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