Einhorn Vs. Green Mountain: Stock Tumbles

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Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Su Keenan reports on the performance of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters stock. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

The stock is down the past five sessions.

This is part of a larger theme developing.

Es, big hits -- competition -- big hits, competition, falling sales.

What is fascinating is that you have had a rocket ship stock, and what you could call a rockstar short seller at odds with one another.

David einhorn has firmly believed that green mountain was vulnerable to competitors, making singleserve k cups for use in the cured coffee maker -- the keurig coffeemaker.

The books are over caffeinated, if you would.

The company says that it sells a lot of coffee.

There's no doubt they sell a lot of coffee.

We don't think they sell anywhere near as much as they say, and there are some real discrepancies in the accounts.

Dallas einhorn talking about the painful position he has had by shorting the stock.

-- that was einhorn talking about the painful position he has had by shorting the stock.

Whole foods following safeway and kroger also now selling k cups.

Yesterday, a suntrust bank analyst said sales for green mountain had decelerated meaningfully.

Were talking going from 13% sales growth in august 2 five percent in september -- we are talking going from 13% sales growth in august to 5%. they say green mountain is losing market share.

And analyst came in yesterday saying you are seeing prices fall.

You are seeing increased competition.

He cited those staggering sales growth numbers.

Then you come back to what the concern for einhorn was when he was on our show last week.

He said his concern is that the company could also face regulatory risk.

He cites concern about the numbers being given about the

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