Edsel Ford II Says CEO Mulally Not Leaving Company

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Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Adam Johnson, Matt Miller, Trish Regan, Jeffrey Hayzlett and Julie Hyman wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Program, jeff is here.

I am ready.

Matt, you are first.

I want to rip up the script and ask jeff about these horrible names.

Can we do that?

Do you know why they have l brands?

Because w was already taken.

The alphabet was gone.

Why not victoria's secret?

They own that.


Some were telling them that limited was limiting them.

That is what they tried to do.

They tried to upscale with the l. i am sure that is what they were told.

It just seems like a stupid name.

It is actually 63% of their sales.

It is the biggest part of their business.

They are a winner.

Can you by that spinning top thing she is wearing?

I hope no.

I just want to point that out right now.

Let me get back to business.

I saw down with alan.

The company introduced a brand new mustang as part of the one ford plan.

His name has been talked about as a replacement.

If i get it next fall, can you tell me you will still be in the c.e.o. set next fall?

I love serving.

You have told me in the past i would stay until at least the end of 2014. i love serving ford, and there is no change in the plan.

But he has no contract.

A pretty good non-answer.

He doesn't have a solid contract.

Bill ford and the ford family loves him.

Who wouldn't. he has done a tremendous job.

He navigated ford through the crisis.

Never had to tame government money, unlike g.m. he made some incredible cars.

The first car he made was the taurus.

That was awesome.

Thin he made the fusion.

And now the mustang is so hot.

What do you think about it?

He doesn't have a contract, but i think he is a man of his word.

It is interesting for them to be able to say he is the favored girl at the prom.

That is what you are seeing.

Other companies are going to be looking at him as well.

He is sitting around looking at offers and seeing what he wants to do.

No promise.

Look, no change in plan now.

But if bill gates comes along and says i am going to give you some obscene amount of money.

I am changing my name to alan.

If you are bill ford, don't you want to lock him down?

Maybe bill says he has done a great job for the company.

He has always put in a fantastic management team and a succession plan.

Mark fields is a genius, too.

Jim fairley is fantastic.


Make microsoft wants him to do the same thing there.


Ready for this?

May not be mulally walking offer the job, but fast food workers are because of wages.

It started in new york city last year.

It has grown to about 100 city.

In some washington are behind the workers.

53 accept a letter to mcdonald's, yum brands and others calling on companies to increase employee play.

Obama jumped in.

He said they work their tales off and live barely above poverty.

He would support a $10:10 minimum wage.

They want $15. they want $15 minimum for any worker.

Think about this.

If you had any relative that was working negligence a full-time job, one of these jobs, would you want them making that wage.

The average wage is about $8.9 in these places.

You are looking at $16,000 or $17,000 a year to make a living.

Nobody can make a living at that rate.

If we all agree it is not going to hurt the economy to raise the minimum wage, why don't we raise it to $50? that is a much better idea.

Hang on.

Hang on.

Let's mac it $500. remember this.

It is true if people make more, they are going to spend more, but it also means prices are going up.

Those dollar meals at mcdonald's, they won't be a dollar anymore.

That is the rhetoric, but we don't know that is the reality.

If you owned a small business, and you were going to pay someone $50 an hour, and i am just throwing that out there versus minimum wage, you are not going to be able to afford many people.

I own an office -- hang on.

I have own small businesses for years.

I would never pay this kind of wage.

Even today i won't even pay an intern $10 an hour.

No one is limiting you.

You should pay a living wage.

Regulating is another story.

I agree with you there.

They don't need to regulate it.

I just think they need to pay fair wages.


But they are not.

Let my say if all fast food workers in america stayed on strike forever, it would be a better country.


We are going to leave that there.

We are being told to move on.

Julie take it away.

We wouldn't have the obesity problem.

Let's move on to twitter, matt miller.

Twitter has selected its first female board member.

They amounted marjorie scardino, citing lack of women in high positions.

Last wiegele, sally called the absence of women on twitter's board a joke and said that silicon valley was no better than wall street when it came to female representation.

She wasn't the only one.

A number of people in the tech community were calling twitter out.

People today are saying it is a token hire, but it is better than nothing.

It is not a token hire.

I am going to defend twitter here.

One third of their company, executives or board is people of color or women.

That is pretty good for a young company started by three men.

You look at the other tech companies out there.

How many win are on facebook's board, amazon, yahoo?

Only one woman on each of those companies outside of the c.e.o., outside of an executive.

I think the bigger question here is that women aren't on most boards.

It is the slowest turnover on anything.

I love to get on boards because i am on there forever.

They never leave.

Only about 1% to 2% of boards are turning over.

And there are not enough women in management.

That is an ongoing problem for sure.

But it may be starting to change.

You look at the enrollment in business school and law school, and there are more and more getting the education.

They took their time.

They got a really talented person, a publisher, never tweeted before.

She now has 2,300 followers.

But she will get there.

Women didn't like it when chip wilson, the founder and chairman of lulu lemon said this.

Frankly, some women's body's don't work for it, the rubbing between the thighs the pressure it there.

That is in response to me asking what is with the pants.

This time back in the spotlight, it is in the store, and it is not the found tore play.

A location in maryland has apologized for using chip's comments as part of a store's promotion.

A twitter user captured the store winder which said, and it said this -- thankfully you have had too much by and thighs are rubbing together.

Lulu lemon has women running the company?

Yes, for now.

They should embrace it.

I like it that their thighs rub together, too.

I don't have a problem with that.

Think about all the adams you see for weight loss.

You go into lulu, go to some yoga classes, work off extra turkey.

We can help you.

Your thighs don't have to rub

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